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Plainstainer is an often derogatory slang term used to refer to poor, uneducated Traditional Radiatian farmers who dwell in the prairie regions of the central Radiatian Federation.

Plainstainers are usually depicted as bigoted, sexist, ignorant and loud-mouthed yokels.

Although someone will occasionally use the term "Plainstainer" as a derogatory way to refer to someone who seems backward or ignorant, only people from Skorptsch, New Vashura, Diifgrao and western Xegfause are considered "true" Plainstainers, and in those parts of Radiatia it is often a source of pride to be called a Plainstainer.

Plainstainers have their own cultural reputation, particularly in regards to music and cuisine.

The urban equivilent of a Plainstainer is a Scumbucket.