Plains (province)

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Country  Vyvland
Capital Lorence
Largest City Lorence
Population 1,771,345
Area 9,732km²
Population density 182/km²
Government Liberal-Socialist coalition
Chancellor Piter Oygard (Socialist)
Parliament seats 45
Official languages Vyvlander
Number plate code N

Plains (Vlatlaans in Vyvlander) is a province of Vyvland situated in the south-central area, to the eastern side of the Fijral Volcano. Its capital city is Lorence, which is also the national capital. Plains province is comprised of large flat expanses of agricultural plains, which are very densely populated. Major cities include Lorence and Pedersdad, while the areas on the eastern flank of the Fijral Volcano around Mohres and Casipita are also heavily urbanised, forming the Syfdyr commuter belt.


Historically, the Plains have been a focal point for Vyvland, with the Old Confederacy tribal leaders meeing in Pegerms and Lorence, which since its foundation has been one of the most important cities in Vyvland, as a centre of business, trade, administration and learning (the city contains the prestigious Collegium Lorencis). Lorence has also been the capital of South Vyvland and of reunified Vyvland since 2006, when the capital was moved from Vlud.


In the east, the Fijral Volcano is half-contained within the province. On its flanks lie many major towns, including Lorence, which make use of the marginally higher ground compared to the plains around. The route along these towns is known as the Door to the South (Syfdyr) and is a major historical trade route as well as a modern transport artery. The province is bisected by both the Fule and Wes rivers, the two longest in Vyvland, which have created large alluvial plains with rich soil ideally suited to agriculture; the province is something of a breadbasket for Vyvland. Central and southern areas were historically marshy, but since the eighteenth century, these areas have been drained to yield the fertile farmland present today.