Phạm Dynasty

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House of Phạm
Nhà Phạm
Royal house
Country Quenmin
Titles Emperor of Quenmin, Empress of Quenmin, Crown Prince, Crown Princess, Head of the Imperial and Royal Dynasty, Protector of the Serene and Harmonious Teachings
Style(s) His Majesty, His Imperial and Royal Highness
Founded 1853 (1853)
Founder Chức Định
Ethnicity Quenminese

For the current ruling house of Quenmin in the Lucis universe, see: Nghiêm Dynasty

The Phạm Dynasty is the current ruling house of Quenmin.


The Phạm Lords rose to prominence since the start of the independence movement against their colonial masters.

Current Members

For the full family tree, see: Family Tree of the Phạm Dynasty

  • Ngày Mừng (b. 1922), Emperor of Quenmin, Emperor-Father of Quenmin
    • HI&RH Lành Chinh (b. 1950), Emperor of Quenmin, Head of the Imperial and Royal Dynasty, Protector of the Serene and Harmonious Teachings
      • HI&RH Hồng Yên (b. 1982), Dragon Princess of Quenmin, Heiress to the Imperial and Royal Dynasty, Marquise of Quyến Vĩnh
      • HI&RH Thanh Xương (b. 1983), Dragon Prince of Quenmin, Heir to the Imperial and Royal Dynasty
      • HRH Prince Gia Miên (b. 1985), Tiger Prince of Quenmin, Duke of Lào Cai
      • HRH Princess Ngôn Lang (b. 1986), Duchess of Nghệ An and Đồng Nai
      • HRH Princess Lành Huệ (b. 1992)
      • HRH Prince Thuật Định (b. 1993)
    • Prince Quang Ngai (b. 1953, d.1995), Governor of the Province of Thanh Kiều
    • HRH Princess Phoung Thuy (b. 1961), Tiger Princess of Quenmin, Duchess of Tiến Giang
      • HRH Count Prince Suong Thinh (b. 1987), 9th Count Nguyễn Xương of Tiến Giang
      • HRH Princess Bích Quý (b. 1994)

List of Emperors

Portrait Era name Given name Temple name Reign Events
HuyDinhEmperor.jpg 織定
Chức Định
Phạm Nguyên Toàn Quốc Phạm Thiệt Tổ September 4, 1841–May 2, 1866
BaoThinhEmperor.jpg 保盛
Bảo Thịnh
Phạm Nguyên Ưng Thoại Phạm Khểnh Tông January 1, 1866–January 18, 1906
CamTrangEmperor.jpg 防失
Phòng Thất
Phạm Nguyên Xương Kham Phạm Định Tông January 18, 1906–February 25, 1918
DucKhenhEmperor.jpg 德警
Đức Khểnh
Phạm Nguyên Hiền Phạm Cảnh Tông February 25, 1918–March 21, 1949
Tscqy-anh-20.jpg 𣈜𢜠
Ngày Mừng
Phạm Nguyên Năng Thế Phạm Hoằng Tông March 21, 1949-December 15, 1978
LanhChinhEmperor.jpg 𫅞征
Lành Chinh
Phạm Nguyên Bửu Thuật (none yet) December 15, 1978-present