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The Union Compass, the most famous and ionic of all the Permene Compasses.

A Permene Compass is one of a series of unique jewelled pocket compasses created by the Marquis Fulkes Permene and his company since 1948. Created first for the House of Whittingrey, the most famous compasses are those made for the New Year Balls of the Ausitorian and Librarian Monarchs between 1958 and 1989.

The House of Permene is nowadays estimated to receive commissions for about three hundred compasses every year, mainly from industrialists, although a large number of Compasses have been used as official diplomatic gifts by the Aestorian Commonwealth. Each compass is valued in excess of $1 million, although a few compasses have been valued at over $100 million.

By tradition, complete artistic licence is given to the Permene family, with the designs kept top-secret, even from their clients, although the design of the Union Compass, which set two of the Ausitorian Crown Jewels as part of the reunion celebrations, was approved in a secret session of a Parliamentary Select Committee.