Namorese presidential election, 1985

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Namorese presidential election , 1985
← 1980 March 16, 1985 (first round)
March 30, 1985 (second round)
1990 →
Turnout 72.5% (Decrease 2%)

  Iqtangtang.jpg Donald Tsang WEF.jpg
Nominee Chen Chanin Vang Ze
Party Liberationist Democratic Socialist
Running mate Antelope Txo Alicia Wolf
Popular vote 289,228,143 287,496,238
Percentage 50.1% 49.8%

President-General before election

Chen Chanin

Elected President-General

Chen Chanin

The Namorese presidential election of 1985 was held on March 16 and March 30, 1985. It is by far the closest election in Namorese history, and also the first in which none of the candidates received the required number of votes and a second round had to be called.

The Democratic Socialists nominated party leader Vang Ze to run for President-General. In addition, the Socialists, People's First and New Democrats nominated candidates. In the first round of elections, all candidates received a plurality of the vote, with Chen and Vang receiving a larger percentage of the vote than others. A second round was called for in which all candidates besides Chen and Vang were eliminated.

In the second round, Chen won the election with a narrow lead, winning 50.1% of all votes while Vang Ze won 49.8%. Chen was ahead of Vang by over 1.7 million votes, making it the closest election in contemporary Namorese history.

Numerous supporters of the DemSocs alleged that the second round of the election was rigged in favor of Chen, citing the fact that Vang had a narrow lead in the first round but fell short of winning the second round as an irregularity. Vang himself expressed suspicion of the results and officially demanded a third round. Pro-DemSoc protests broke out in major Namorese cities demanding either a third round or a recount of the vote. The controversy was resolved when the Supreme People's Court agreed to look into the results, and concluded that there had been no fraud. Vang then conceded defeat, although several in the Democratic Socialist Party continued to allege the election was fraudulent.


First round

Candidate Party Votes Percentage
Yes check.svg Vang Ze Democratic Socialists 42.2%
Yes check.svg Chen Chanin Liberationists 42.0%
Ge Tzang Socialists 10.5%
Ze Tao People's First 5.1%
Shui Yijang New Democrats 0.1%
Independent candidates Independent 0.07%
Invalid/Blank Votes 0.03%

Second round

Candidate Party Votes Percentage
Yes check.svg Chen Chanin Liberationists 289,228,143 50.1%
Vang Ze Democratic Socialists 287,496,238 49.8%
Invalid/Blank Votes 577,302 0.1%