Paul Philip IV

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Paul Philip IV & I
Leader of the Nationalist Gold Union, Emperor of Laurentia and Vanavoy, King of Zealmark
Leader of the Nationalist Gold Union
Emperor of Laurentia
Tenure29 May 2015 – present
Coronation16 December 2015
  • Monarchy restored
  • David Powell (as head of state as President)
  • Georg I (as the Emperor of Laurentia and Leader of the Union)
Heir apparentAlexander, Crown Prince of Laurentia
Government Presidencies
Prime Ministers
Vanavoian Emperor
Tenure28 February 2017 – present
PredecessorAugusta II
Heir apparentAlexander, Crown Prince of Vanavoy
King of Zealmark
under Vanavoian occupation and later Prussiaholm federalism
Tenure28 February 2017 – 14 December 2020
PredecessorJohann I
SuccessorMonarchy abolished
BornPaul Philip Hans Alexander Benedikt von Großer
12 February 1981
Harrisburg, Nationalist Gold Union
SpouseMaria, Princess of Südwestafrika
FatherJohannes von Rombenburg
MotherJanet, Grand Duchess of Vankuve
ReligionRoman Catholic
Head of state of the NGU

Paul Philip IV (German: Paul Philipp, French: Paul-Philippe, Spanish: Pablo Felipe, Italian: Paolo Filippo, Dutch: Paul Filips, Latin: Paulus Philippus, Danish: Poul-Filip) is the Leader of the Nationalist Gold Union, Emperor of Laurentia, and Vanavoian Emperor. He is known in Vanavoy as Paul Philip I.


16. Albrecht II of Vanavoy
8. Johann von Romenburg
17. Maria de Garmo
4. Gunther von Romenburg
18. Hans VIII of the Gold Union
9. Hannah von Grosser
19. Jean von Hannover
2. Johannes von Romenburg
20. George von Gatzbittel
10. Hans von Gatzbittel
21. Amalia de Esperanzo-Goldstein
5. Maria von Gatzbittel
22. Juan Castro y Alins
11. Maria Castro y Alins
23. Maria de Borbón
1. Paul Philip IV and I
24. = 18 (Hans VIII of the Gold Union)
12. Robert von Grosser
25. = 19 (Jean von Hannover)
6. Philip III of the Nationalist Gold Union
26. John Smith
13. Alice Smith
27. Anna Paquin
3. Janet von Grosser
28. Marc von Romenburg
14. Hans von Romenburg
29. Anna de Ezrasteina
7. Helena von Romenburg
30. = 16 (Albrecht II of Vanavoy)
15. Adolfa von Romenburg
31. = 17 (Maria de Garmo)