Paul II

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Paul II
Kayser of Vredo-Samodeia
Reign5 June 1916 – 16 November 1920
PredecessorPaul I
SuccessorFriedrich Maria
Born3 September 1872
Reichstal, Vredlandia
Died16 November 1920 (aged 48)
Royal Hunting Lodge, Vredlandia
HouseHouse of Guldener
FatherPaul I
MotherBrunhilde of Vredo-Samodeia
ReligionVredlandian State Church

Paul II was King of Vredlandia and Emperor (Kayser) of the Vredo-Samodeian Empire from 1916 to 1920. He was seen as a liberal reformer and a man of the arts. Nowadays many rumours and legends surround the image of Paul II.


Early Life

Paul was born as first son and fourth child of Kayser Paul I. and his wife Brunhilde. He was mostly raised by his mother at home, while tutors and advisors of his father were meant to prepare him for office. Paul much rather played with his sisters, though, who all loved their ‘Little Paulie’. Instead of attending lessons, the young Prince visited Gentlemen's Clubs, where he was introduced to liberal ideology. His frequent absence at lessons led to historically documented conflict with his father. Paul II recalled in his diary that his childhood wasn't very satisfactory.

Mid Years

As Crown Prince Paul would often visit foreign nations. He toured the colonies and wrote very extensively about colonial tales and "strange creatures". One of it is described as being a dinosaur by Paul II, although these claims are heavily disputed simply for the lack of evidence. Paul was married to a distant cousin, but the marriage was without love. After fathering an heir, he built a Palace for his wife to live in. While he wrote several letters to her asking about his son, they didn't meet again until his ascension to the throne in 1916.


In his first years as Kayser, he introduced a new and more democratic voting system and more religious freedoms. Militarily his strategic and tactical knowledge was very limited. One of his tutors admitted that he had "children on the streets having more of an idea of military matters" and that Paul II was "ignorant to learning anything he didn't care for." A scandal involving some of his closest friends and advisors seriously threatened his rule. Afterwards, Paul II only had trivial influence on government activities. Emperor Paul privately commented


In 1920 Paul II. was found death in front of his Hunting Lodge. The official cause of his death was an accident. According to local news as well as the Royal Family, he had a weak heart and fell down the balcony in his unsteadiness. There are rumours he committed suicide and threw himself down the balcony, not the least because a maid incidentally mentioned that he originally wanted to go hunting later on that day, which would have been hard to do with his weakness. All investigations into that direction have been prohibited. The Kayser's bodyguard committed suicide on the same day, assumably after the death of the Kayser and for fear of being held accountable.


Public Perception

Despite his very interesting life, Paul II is not as well remembered as his father, Paul I. Naturally his short reign is partly to blame, but he also ruled between two very strong figures: Mighty Paul I. and tragic Friedrich Maria. Some historians believe that the Vredo-Samodeian Empire could have survived in some sort of union, if Paul II would not have died that early. It was clear he disliked the Gaullican fascists, so it would have been unlikely for him to side with them. Instead, Vredlandia would have stayed neutral or forced to fight Gaullica and would be much closer to a monarchy like Glytter now. Vredlandia’s fate under Paul II is an often debated topic, mainly because it leaves room for many interesting scenarios.

Popular Culture

In the late 1990s a musical about the life of Paul II was to be introduced to Vredlandia. It was prohibited two days before the premiere. The Ministry of Culture and Education argued that this musical blatantly rewrote history in order to gain attention and therefore breaks the laws of a moral society. The musical indicated a suicide of Paul II.

“Paulieren” is a word that refers to Paul II. It describes the action of doing something pleasant instead of working. The word is commonly used among young Vredlandians.