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Greyscale orthographic map of Paradoxia.png
Area38,568,800 km2 (14,891,500 sq mi)
Largest cities

Paradoxia is a region. It consists of two major continents and other surrounding islands. The central continent lacks a commonly agreed name, but it is colloquially known as the "Paradoxian Platypus" for its resemblance to a curled platypus skeleton, divided into three major and three minor landmasses with other islands. The 'tail' of the platypus is divided by the Colitas Canal. A much less fragmented continental landmass lies to the southeast of the platypus. A substantial island chain defines the west and southwest borders of the region.

Historically, Paradoxian diplomacy has been characterised by mutual suspicion and conflict, with regular wars into the modern era. No diplomatic organisation currently includes every Paradoxian nation as a member, nor has this ever been the case. Despite this, its nations all recognise and respect what is known as the Paradoxian Oath, a commitment to put regional concerns first when foreign intervention threatens the power dynamics of the region. Whether this obligation extends to protecting the outer islands of Paradoxia has been a source of debate.