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United Kingdoms of Olycadon
Motto: "Пара брадестиот пејач"
Anthem: Golden Horizon"
Largest Arvati
Official languages Olycadonian, Kassvetian, Arabic
Recognised national languages Olycadonian
Recognised regional languages Naharine, Chalcian, Olycadonian, Kassvetian, Muradic
Ethnic groups (2017) Olycadonian, Kassvetian, Daygani, Chalcian, Naharine
Demonym Olycadonian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Visovet Atanas Konstantin
 -  Tsar Christian Anjirov I
 -  Head of Senate Naved Abdullah
 -  Unification and Conquest of Olycadon 200's BCE 
 -  Union Established with Various Territories to the South 200 BCE-100's AD 
 -  Delchov Address Signed 1680 
 -  Juddeen secedes and 'the three' sign the Unification Pact 1915 
 -  2016 estimate 82,500,000
 -  2013 census 80,435,000
HDI (2014)Increase 0.895
very high
Currency Mosce
Drives on the right

Olycadon , officially the Empire of Olycadon, is a country located in Asura, bordering Catai. Olycadon is bordered by Naharin to the southeast, Dreyvisevich to the north, and the small nation of Sidi Synnia to the south. Olycadon is a rather large and developed nation with a population of over 82 million. The capital is Visoka and the nation's largest city is Arvati.

The Constitutional Monarchy