Nozama River Delta

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Nozama River Delta
Нозамахо Санбенчо
Metropolitan region
Location of the Nozama River Delta region in Namor
Location of the Nozama River Delta region in Namor
Country Namor
 • Total75,000,000
Time zoneST+6:00
 • Summer (DST)observed (UTC)

The Nozama River Delta (Нозамаганг Санбенчо, Nozamagang Sanbencho, 嫩昃孖江三邊洲) is a metropolitan region situated in the area surrounding the mouth of the Nozama River. Encompassing the district of Southern Namor and Capital District (Namo), the region consists of five prefectures and five cities, three of which (Namo, Sicho, Esquarian City) are among the ten most populated metropolises in Namor. With a total population of around 75 million, it is one of the most populated metropolitan regions in Esquarium.

Since the NMR 2320s, the region has been an impetus for Namorese economic growth. The development of the Nozama River Delta was one of the priorities of Gelai Antelope's administration, which established special economic zones (SEZs) in Namo, Esquarian City and Sicho. This sparked a mass migration from rural areas to the delta region as well as increased investment in the delta, resulting in double-digit growth for the SEZs and their surrounding areas.