Northern Co-Operative Trade Agreement

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Northern Cooperative Trade Agreement
Eslovakian Swedish: Norra handelsavtalet
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AbbreviationNOCTA or NOCOTA
FormationJuly 10, 1995 (1995-07-10) (23 years ago)
TypeFree trade agreement
HeadquartersEkaterinberg, Eslovakia
Oured, D.A., U.R.
Vaumort, Anthor
Viridia, WCS
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United Republic
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Former WCS
Official language
Eslovakian Swedish

The Northern Cooperative Trade Agreement (NOCTA or NOCOTA; Eslovakian Swedish: Norra handelsavtalet, NH) is a trade agreement between nations in North Lusankya establishing a multilateral trade bloc across the northern portion of the Lusankyan continent. The agreement was signed on July 10, 1995, replacing the Anthor–United Republic Free Trade Agreement and several others, in a joint, PTA-led effort between the governments of Anthor, Erucia, the Western Confederal States, and the United Republic of Emmeria to encourage cross-border trade commerce. Following the dissolution of the Western Confederal States in 2014, former Western states Viridia, South Lake, Torchland, Capitol State, Kensington, Montgomery, and Iron Vale individually declared the NOCTA treaty as still valid, continuing treaty provisions and arrangements made under the WCS.

The objective of NOCTA is to reduce tariffs, import quotas, and other trade barriers between member states to foster cross-border trade and commerce, strengthen trade ties, and support free trade policies around the world.

NOCTA is one of the Big 4 trade blocs in Pardes, along with SOPCOMM, RCO, and OSEN; the latter two are not trade blocs in the general sense of the term, but rather intergovernmental alliances whose charters involve the establishment of a trade bloc as opposed to a purpose-designed trade bloc treaty. NOCTA is one the largest trade blocs in Pardes by aggregate nominal GDP.



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