New Timeria

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Republic of New Timeria
New Timeria
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Largest Lia
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Demonym Timerian
Government Representative Democracy
 -  President Sun-Hi
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 -  Establishment of New Timeria 03/11/1934 
 -  Current Constitution  
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The Republic of New Timeria, commonly called New Timeria or simply Timeria. New Timeria extends from the northernmost point on Savai and stretches down to Indrgiri where they share a border. Off the coast to the west is Ajerrin, which shares a border with Indrgiri. The 3 nations share the island of Savai which is located in the southern Jade Ocean. Timeria is a federal republic consisting of 15 regions which are represented in both the Senate and Congress.


After the democratic revolution in 1934 New Timeria has been a stable democracy with representation at all levels. The government has followed the outline set by the Timerian People's Constitution since 1936. Over the years the constitution has been amended 10 times the last being in 1998 when the 10th Amendment lowered the voting age to 17. In North Timeria there are 3 levels of government Federal, regional, and local. In most cases, officials are selected by a proportional representation system established in the Constitution.


New Timeria has a robust economy backed by the Timerian Dollar. New Timeria is also a member of The Savaian Alliance alongside Ajerrin and Indragiri. New Timeria shares strong economic ties with both members of The Savaian Alliance and works with them on an international scale to bring more economic activity to Savai.

Manufacturing, Information technology, agriculture, and fishing are the leading industries in New Timeria with a workforce over 99,470,000 Timerians.


Tourism brings a large number of people and economic activity from around the world. The safety of the region, tropical climate, and developed infrastructure make it a popular tourist destination.


New Timeria has played an important part in Savaian culture and New Timeria is still recognized for its rich culture. New Timeria has also been shaped by the cultures of Ajerrin and Indragiri

National Football Team

New Timeria's Dragons won the Copa D'Aeia 2017 going undefeated throughout the tournament.