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Greasy Joe's is often seen as a symbol of New Radiatia

New Radiatia (Radiatian: Ra‡ijazija-Myuta) is a term used to describe the major cultural changes that have taken place in the Radiatian Federation since the collapse of communism.

It refers to aspects of Radiatian culture such as individualism and amorality which, while always present, have thrived and become widespread in Radiatia since the dissolution of the Radiatian People's Socialist Union.

It also refers to the widespread embracement of capitalism, aggressive business practices ("Business Imperialism") and the rise of consumerism. Industries such as finance, entertainment (especially adult entertainment) and retail are all considered endemic of New Radiatia, as too are political ideas such as open government and multi-party democracy.

The phrase "New Radiatia" is linked to the phrase "New Radiatian" which at first referred to the nouveau riche businessmen and oligarchs who became wealthy after the fall of communism - although it has increasingly come to refer to the young, consumeristic generation who were born in the post-RPSU era.

The phrase is used to contrast with "Old Radiatia" which refers to the RPSU, and the values and cultural tendencies thereof. It is sometimes used as a derogatory term by socialists, or alternatively as a positive marketing term used especially by multi-national conglomerates and the tourism industry.

Common symbols of "New Radiatia" include Greasy Joe's Extra Greasy Grease Burgers, EDEBC, Mail-Order Brides, R-BEC and other global conglomerates, pornography as well as Radiatian pop culture.

New Radiatia ("Radiatiaphilia", "Radiatianism" or "New Radiatianism") has become something of a popular subculture overseas, akin to the Otaku subculture, and has contributed to the rise of "Radiatia-towns" within major cities internationally.

As such New Radiatia has come to represent not just the cultural shift within Radiatia but the spread of Radiatian culture internationally.