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The Colonial Republic of New Hollinsgurd
Phédëraetïon oph thé Rebubaïs oph Hoïncgurd
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Motto: Unum Deum
Anthem: The Iron Door
and largest city
Official languages Hollish
Ethnic groups Hollinsgurdian (34%)
Galonian (30%)
Gurdn (27%)
Borkhinian (9%)
Demonym Hollinsgurdian
Government Colonial Republic
 -  Leader of the Federation Jacob Aksenov
 -  Dead Leader
 -  Upper house House of Senate
 -  Lower house House of Leaders
 -  Total 2,330,872 km2
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 -  estimate 122,372,241
 -  Density 46.36/km2
120.1/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2030 estimate
 -  Total $3.522 Trillion
 -  Per capita $32,594.74
Gini (2030)34.32
HDI (2030)0.708
Currency Hollin (Ħ)
Date format dd.yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +11933
ISO 3166 code HD
Internet TLD .hol


  • 1915 - Hollinsgurdian presence within aboriginal groups
  • 1924 - Full Hollinsgurd integration
  • 1924 - Hollinsgurd declares all aborigines citizens of Hollinsgurd
  • 1927 - Hollinsgurd makes political

For 2033 Election 60,000,000 eligible Voters

2033 New Hollinsgurd Ductoral Election