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The Free City of Nebligen
Ljørte Kjutate jus Neblige
Free City
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Flag of The Free City of NebligenLjørte Kjutate jus Neblige
Etymology: West Crylantian: Nebulosus ("misty" or "foggy")
Nickname(s): The Misty City, The River City, The Colored Terrace
Motto: In Equality We Trust
State / Free CityNebligen
Founded10th century CE
Free City1900
 • ExecutiveUrbsting of Nebligen (6) (PS)
 • MayorFrancois De Ouserad
 • LegislatureParumsting of Nebligen (60)
 • Total231.92 km2 (89.54 sq mi)
Population (2016)
 • Total472,384
 • Density2,000/km2 (5,300/sq mi)
DemonymNebligenian, Fogger
Time zoneWest Asuran Standard Time (UTC-1)

Nebligen, officially the Free City of Nebligen (Lilledic Ljørte Kjutate jus Neblige, pronounced /ˈʎøːɑ̯də ɕjʉːˈtʰɑːdə jʉs ˈnɛwlijə/, Rigjordic Fristaden Nebligen, pronounced /ˈfʁ̥iːˀsd̥ɑːð̠̞ˠn̩ ˈnɛʊ̯lijən/), is the capital city of the Crylantian Federation, as well as the second-largest city in both Lilledel and the Crylantian Federation as a whole, with 472,384 residents as of 2016. The city is situated on the banks of the Ouserad River, around 25 kilometers east of the start of the river.

Originally founded as a port town in the 10th century, being used as a place to import goods to and easily transport around the country, it quickly became one of the major towns of Crylante. The Urbsting of Nebligen was created in 1339, serving as an assembly of guild representatives who managed the city and sent a delegate to the central Storting/Remsting. It later prospered under Lhaeraidh rule, as the Lhaeraidh government was very beneficial in the city and caused it to become a major trading centre. Its prosperity severely declined under Lhedwinic rule, as the government's policies caused mass anger among the people, and the forced industrialization caused both large growth and a large class of people working long hours with little wealth. Thus, a radical socialist government formed over the city during the Crylantian Uprising during the Great War between 1897 and 1899, led mostly by the dissatisfied workers. While the Lhedwinic government overthrew the socialists in 1899, the city was retaken by pro-Crylantian forces, and it was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of West Crylante in 1900, and it was chosen as the national capital of the newly-formed Principality of Crylante, as a halfway point between the Western capital of Sønderburg and the Eastern capital of Dybøll.

Today, the city has seen great cultural and economic developments, becoming a prosperous city. While it was an industrial powerhouse during Lhedwinic rule, with high inequality, it has developed under unified rule into a service-based, post-industrial economy, with a large outreach into the information technology, pharmaceuticals and tourism sectors. It has grown a thriving cultural scene, with a large nightlife, a thriving LGBT scene and many musical venues. The opening of the West Crylante International Airport in 1972 brought a large commercial link to the city, linking it to the rest of the world, and it is located in southern Haverslev, around 10 kilometers north of the city. It is also one of the greenest cities in the world, with many parks covering large amounts of the city.

The city is home to Nebligen University, one of the oldest and largest universities in Crylante. It also has a large focus on figure skating and ice hockey, with the Nebligen Ice Rink being one of the highest-capacity sports stadiums in Lhedwin. The city is also home to the Comprasol, a shopping mall known for being a representation of Galios in the Lhedwin Solar System. The city is very bicycle friendly, and the Nebligen Metro was opened in the 1990's, consisting of a large tram system to transport people around the city, with 73 stops, while it is connected to the rest of Crylante's large railroad network through five train stations.




Nebligen is the capital of the Crylantian Federation, and is thus the seat of the federal government. Much of the federal government's offices, such as the headquarters of the National Council, the residences of the members of the National Council and the meeting places of the Great Council and the Court for National Justice. Within the government itself, its representation in the lower house consists of 11 PS, 10 PR, 4 PV, 3 Sinistram, 3 EC, 2 PP and 1 PT, and its representation in the upper house consists of two Socialists and one Reform.

Nebligen is one of the four free cities of Crylante, as well as Sønderburg, Dybøll and Lillehavn. This means that as well as being a city, it is also a state and thus has powers equal to that of a state. The Free City of Nebligen is thus divided up into five municipalities, referred to as boroughs within Nebligen, which are Centrum, Marigne, Novum Oppidum, Lucerna and Marais. These boroughs have powers mostly over town planning and emergency services, and these issues are collaborated on at a state level as well. Centrum, Novum Oppidum, Lucerna and Marais are controlled by the Socialist Party and the Green Party, while Marigne is controlled by the Reform Party.

The state's legislature is the Parumsting of Nebligen, which consists of 60 seats. The Socialist Party is currently the largest party within the Parumsting, controlling 21 of its seats, while the Reform Party controls 19 seats, the Greens control 7 seats, Let's Go Crylante and The Left both control 4 seats each, the People's Party controls 3 seats and the Trúathi Party controls 2 seats. Notably, the Farmers' Party is very weak within the state, as the state is predominately urban, culturally liberal and internationalist, which contrasts the party's general rural, culturally conservative and isolationist voter base.

The state's executive is the Urbsting of Nebligen, which consists of six members. These members are elected by the people every four years, and the Mayor of Nebligen is also elected directly by the people.

Position Holder Party
Mayor of Nebligen and Minister for Culture Francois De Ouserad PS
Minister for Finance Adele Flavius PV
Minister for Social Services, the Economy and the Environment Magnus Yun PS
Minister for Construction and Transport Céleste La Verde PR
Minister for Justice and Security Camillus Le Blanc PR
Minister for Education and Healthcare Mélodie Borde PS