Nationalist Gold Union

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  • Nationalist Gold Union (en)
  • Nationalistische Goldunion (de)
  • Union de l'or nationaliste(fr)
  • Unión de Oro Nacionalista (es)
  • Националистический союз золота (ru)
Flag Union Seal
Motto: Supra omnes
Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze (disputed)
Imperial Standard
NGU imperial standard.png
Metropolitan Nationalist Gold Union in 2037
Afrikaner Free State
Official languages English, German, French, Castilian
Recognised regional languages Lorenzdeutsch, Russian, Germano-Frankish, Norman, Nether German (Dutch), Breton,
Religion Christianity[1]
Demonym Unionist, NGU
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  Leader of the Union and Emperor of Laurentia Paul Philip IV
 -  Government Presidency
 -  Viceroyalty of Laurentia 1535 
 -  Prussian Laurentia 1805 
 -  Gold Union 1842 
 -  Gold Union of Socialist Republics 1920 
 -  Nationalist Gold Union 1964 
 -  Imperial restoration 2021 
 -  Republican restoration 2032 
 -  Constitutional monarchy 2035 
 -  Total 13,914,689 km2
5,372,491 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 12.1
 -  2033 census 208,259,176[2]
GDP (nominal) 2033 estimate
 -  Total $13.706 trillion[3] (1st)
 -  Per capita $65,815
HDI (2032)Decrease 0.866
very high
Currency credit ($)
Time zone (UTC-3.5 to -9)
 -  Summer (DST) -2.5 to -8 (UTC)
Note: various other time zones are observed in overseas territories.
Date format mm-dd-yyyy
Drives on the right

The Nationalist Gold Union (NGU) is a country located mainly in North America, but with possessions in South Africa, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, and Asia. The NGU consists of two main constituencies: Metropolitan NGU in North America and the Afrikaner Free State in South Africa). Metropolitan NGU is bordered by Worris and Alorn to the south and Malikay to the far west. The Afrikaner Free State is bordered by Vanavoian and Miltonian African colonies to the north. While the Afrikaner Free State is part of the NGU, the term "Nationalist Gold Union" generally refers to the metropolitan political entity. The Nationalist Gold Union is highly urbanized on the coastal areas of the nation but has a high rural population. The capital is Caspia (formerly Großershafen) and its largest metropolitan areas are Boston, Philadelphia, Otten, and Vankuve.

The Nationalist Gold Union originally started as the Viceroyalty of Laurentia, colonized by and governed directly from Vanavoy. During Vanavoian governance, Laurentia saw an enrichment of European economies through the trade of many valuable resources native to the Americas. After 1805, the colony was transferred to Noxtremian control before gaining independence in 1842. In 1842, Viceroy Phillip I established the Gold Union and declared himself Emperor of Laurentia. The monarchy ruled until 1920, when the Socialist Party fraudulently won the Senate election, dissolving the monarchy and establishing a socialist regime. From 1952 to 1964, a nationalist insurgency fought against the Gold Union, eventually splitting the nation into the Nationalist Gold Union and the Socialist Gold Union. In 2016, the Nationalist Gold Union annexed the Socialist Gold Union after a brief war. In 2021, the monarchists returned to control, only to be ousted in favor of a federal republic in 2032.

The Nationalist Gold Union is a member of the APSIA Security Council, and the American Commonwealth. The NGU was a founding member of the Kaiserbund, but has since suspended its membership. The NGU is a highly developed country, with the world's largest economy by GDP. The NGU economy is declining among political tensions, however. The NGU economy is largely industrial, but has a large amount of service-based economic policies in the urban centers. The NGU is the foremost military power in the world, spending billions per year on military and running an army of many millions of soldiers. Additionally, the NGU operates a large navy, including several modern aircraft carriers.


In 1535, what is now the Nationalist Gold Union was discovered by a Vanavoian explorer named Jakob Kartier. Kartier named the area "Laurentia". Many of the provinces of the Viceroyalty of Laurentia were given names, and the capital province was called Hochblüte, meaning "golden age" in German. In 1842, the Gold Union was formed by Emperor Phillip I, naming the country after the province in which independence and federation was declared. In 1920, the monarchy was overthrown by socialists and the country was renamed to the Gold Union of Socialist Republics. In 1964, following the civil war, the remainder of the GUSR was renamed to the Socialist Gold Union and the newly created nationalist state in the south was called the Nationalist Gold Union.

After the SGU was invaded and annexed by the NGU, the nation was not renamed back to the Gold Union, nor after the imperial restoration.


Indigenous peoples

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European colonization

Various indigenous tribes inhabited the areas in both Laurentia and the Afrikaner Volkstaat prior to European colonization. In the 16th century, Vanavoian explorers established colonies in what is now Laurentia. The Vanavoians established the Viceroyalty of Laurentia, which was governed from the mainland of Vanavoy. The wealthy von Briftsauder family, which ruled the colony from Vanavoy, established a dynasty to govern over the viceroyalty. The von Briftsauder dynasty oversaw the construction and expansion of the Vanavoian colony, expanding it along the coast and towards the western frontier. The Vanavoian emperor also sent millions of political prisoners to the colony, specifically English-speaking people from England. Additionally, millions of German-speaking settlers from both Vanavoy and the rest of German Europe migrated and settled in the colony, building a large population of north Germanic people. The von Briftsauders federated the Viceroyalty into several smaller colonies, such as Hochblüte, Keystone, New England, and New Vanavoy (later renamed to New Prussia). In 1805, following several conflicts between the Vanavoian Empire and Prussia, the Viceroyalty was transferred to Prussian administration under the von Großer dynasty. Under this administration, millions of more settlers arrived in the viceroyalty to build settlements and cities.

Independence and expansionism

In 1842, Viceroy Philip I declared independence from Prussia and declared himself "Emperor of Laurentia and King of Hochblüte" from the capital city of the Hochblüte province, Großershafen. Emperor Phillip I then federated the rest of the colonies under the title of the "Gold Union," named after Hochblüte ("golden age" in English), where independence was declared from. The von Großer family ruled over the Gold Union until 1920, further expanding the frontier west and developing the nation into a regional power as well as establishing foreign colonies across the world.

Socialism and civil war

In 1920, Emperor Hans VIII allowed public elections in the previously appointed Senate. In the election, the Socialist Party fraudulently won the election and destroyed the monarchy, forcing Hans VIII and all other royalty into exile. The Socialist Party renamed the nation to the Gold Union of Socialist Republics and under Overseer Robert Smith and his successors, the country was reformed into a communist nation. In 1936, Vice Overseer Conall Corcoran's Totalist Party took control of the government after assassinating the then-Overseer. Corcoran, declaring himself "Supreme President of the Republic," cracked down on all political opposition and sealed himself as the sole dictator of the nation. In 1952, a nationalist military commander named Johnson Godfrey formed a rebellion and declared war on the government, leading to a 12-year-long civil war.

Post-civil war

The nation was then split into the Nationalist Gold Union and the Socialist Gold Union, with the NGU ruling the wealthy coastal area of the nation and the SGU ruling the frozen tundra in the north. The two nations had limited contact until 2016, when the Nationalist Gold Union invaded and annexed the SGU under the rule of President Jack Godfrey. After the war, the title of President was abolished by the Senate and the Chancellor took control of the nation. A brief political conflict spurred as a result, and Leonard Roberts was elected Chancellor towards the end of 2016. Roberts engaged in diplomacy and war with several nations, such as Kundistan, Noxtrem, and Walgreens, eventually losing a civil war to reactionary monarchists.

Contemporary era

In 2021, the monarchy was restored under Philip von Großer (Philip III) who abdicated in 2025 to his son, Georg I, who was married to Empress Alexandra of Worris. Under Georg's rule, the monarchy tightened its grasp on the government and invaded other countries such as Alorn and Ireland. Georg was killed in a plane bombing in 2032.

On 11 October 2032, Joseph Sulzbach declared the monarchy abolished and himself Provisional President of the restored federal republic.

Geography and climate

The Nationalist Gold Union occupies much of the North American continent, sharing land borders with Worris and Alorn in the south and Malikay in the far west. The Afrikaner Free State shares borders with the Miltonian and Vanavoian African colonies. Including colonies, the Nationalist Gold Union is one of the largest countries in the world.

The Nationalist Gold Union is home to some of the world's most northernmost settlements, such as Welteinheitshafen, which is on the tip of the northwestern Alaskan coast. The Nationalist Gold Union has the longest coastline in the world, spanning almost 300,000 kilometers.

The Nationalist Gold Union is very geologically active in the west coast, where there are many volcanoes such as Mount Meager, Mount Garibaldi, Mount Cayley, and Mount Edziza. However, volcanic activity has been limited over the past few decades.

The average winter and summer temperatures in the NGU vary between regions. In the far north, temperatures can drop below −40 °C. However, the average coastal temperature outside of the winter is between 25 to 30 °C with the outdoor temperature sometimes exceeding 40 °C.

In the Afrikaner Free State, the climate is much hotter than the Metropolitan area. The western half of the Free State is dry and covered in desert while the eastern half is much more humid. The hottest recorded temperature in the Free State is 54.5 °C, in 2029.

Government and politics

Since Arthur Hecker's coup and subsequent political reforms, the Nationalist Gold Union has been a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The legislative branch is made up of two branches; the upper house is the Union Council and the lower house is the Senate. The Union Council is comprised of 25 councillors who are elected by the voting public. The Senate is comprised of 500 senators who are also elected by the voting public. The Constitution restricts the Senate and Union Council from adding or removing seats unless under mathematical necessity. The Union Council's 25 seats are distributed evenly with each commonwealth recieving 2 Union Councillor seats. The remainder of the seats (currently 3 seats) belong to three Senate-elected councillors who do not belong to any specific constituency. The Senate is more province-based, and its 500 seats are distributed according to the population of each province.

The Senate is considered a hectic and chaotic area of hot debate (none of the Senators have desks, only chairs) while the Union Council is much more civil and compromising. The majority party in the Senate is currently the United Social Democrats, while the Union Council is dominated by the Christian Right.

The executive branch consists of several ministries and is headed by the Government Presidency, a 3-man council which serves as the head of government. The Government Presidency consists of the Senate President, the Union Council President, and the President-General (who is appointed by the monarch).

The head of state is the Emperor of Laurentia, who is also the Leader of the Union. They are styled as the Leader-Emperor. The current Leader-Emperor is Paul Philip IV, of the Großer-Romenburg dynasty.


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Foreign relations and military

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Provinces and territories

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Visual arts

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  1. Three Christian churches are recognized by the government: the Church of Laurentia, the Church of New England, and the Roman Catholic Church
  2. Not including Rhodesia
  3. Not including Rhodesia