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The National symbols of Cacerta are the symbols that are used in Cacerta to represent the nation in varying ways, reflecting unique aspects of the nation’s culture and history.

Official Symbols

Symbol Media Remarks
Flag of Cacerta
Cacerta’s flag possesses the lesser variant of the House Sarissita Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of Cacerta
Cacertian Coat of Arms
Adopted by the Unified States of Cacerta in 1871, it is the lesser coat of arms of House Sarissita
National Colors
Blue, black, and white
Cacerta’s tricolor civil ensign exemplifying the nation’s three primary colors.
National Anthem
I Segreti del Mare
I Segreti del Mare (Instrumental)
"I Segreti del Mare" became the national anthem of Cacerta following unification in 1871.
National Motto
I nostri cuori si trovano con l’oceno.
Our hearts are with the ocean.
The national motto was adopted by in 1876 by Empress Elliana.
National Animal
Cacertian Hummingbird
Cacertian Hummingbird
The Cacertian Hummingbird became the national animal in 1880. It was admired for its speed, small size, and grace.
National Personification
Catarina the Cruiser
Catarina the Cruiser
Created in 1912, Catarina became the Cacerta’s national personification in 1944.