National Conservative Party (Seketan)

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National Conservative Party
Consyvaþeça Nasijoteça ynden
Leader Jenor Katsmier (interim)
President George Hammal
Founded July 9, 1978 (1978-07-09)
Split from Kjedorate Party
Headquarters Conelibek, Seketan
Youth wing Conservative Youths
Membership  (2015) 163,335
Ideology Social Conservatism
Seketese Nationalism
Economic Liberalism
Political position Centre-Right
Official colors Blue
59 / 293

The National Conservative Party (Seketese: Consyvaþeça Nasijoteça ynden), often abbreviated as CNy, is a political party in Seketan. Located on the right of the political spectrum, the party's positions are based in economic liberalism and social conservatism. The party advocates for Seketese nationalism and Euroscepticism.

The party was formed as a split from the Kjedorate Party in 1978 with most members defecting in defiance on then incumbent president Etyjen Pesan. When the Seketese Third Republic collapsed at the culminating of the Zemasy period of Seketese history, the National Conservative Party became the direct successor to the de facto banned Kjedorate Party. The party retained much of its conservative and Seketese nationalistic roots but vowed to be against autocratic leaders.