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The National Commission (Vyvlander: Nazonal Provizie) is the official term used for the cabinet of Vyvland, which is composed of members of the Parliament of Vyvland. Since the government reforms under Minke Selengborg, there have been twelve ministers in the Commission, in addition to the Prime Minister and often President. In addition, some cabinet sessions are attended by the Administrator (a position relatively analogous to the speaker in other parliamentary systems), the Leader of the Opposition, the Leader of the Thirds, the leader of the second-largest non-government party, or various junior ministers. The Commission must meet on at least a fortnightly basis (except in exceptional circumstances), although more frequent meetings are the norm.

Until the reforms following Erik Menjreng's unstable presidency, the Commission was formally appointed by the President under advice of the Prime Minister. However, nowadays the cabinet is chosen by cross-party negotiations after elections, and then changed at will by the Prime Minister. The President is legally bound to accept any change made to the Commission by the Prime Minister. New ministries can be created or abolished by the passage of a bill through Parliament; over 30 ministries were streamlined into just twelve under the Premiership of Minke Selengborg. Since then, the Ministry of Business and Trade has been created, while the Ministry of Labour was merged with the Ministry of Welfare.


Minister of Finance Jorj Vysel-Sdaander
Domestic Minister Rikard Fegaad
Minister of Education Vren Dens
Portfolio Minister Party
Prime Minister   Gyneld Welelmsen Conservative Party
Minister of Business and Trade Denis Eeris Capitalist-Libertarian Party
Domestic Minister Rikard Fegaad Conservative Party
Minister of Education Vren Dens Liberal Party
Minister of the Environment Amelie Overbruj Conservative Party
Minister of Finance Jorj Vysel-Sdaander Conservative Party
Foreign Minister Rydulv Yge Capitalist-Libertarian Party
Minister of Health Kajren Bohgsen Liberal Party
Minister of Justice Feliza Symman Liberal Party
Minister of Security Tomas Peley Liberal Party
Minister of Transport Johana Tomasson Capitalist-Libertarian Party
Minister of Utilities and Energy Alecaanjre Enjraas Conservative Party
Minister of Welfare and Labour Ermurd Beemheyeer Conservative Party

Additional members

Portfolio Minister Party
President   Pamela Oegelkeper Independent
Administrator Hektor Sbruzol Independent
Leader of the Opposition Niklas Brule Socialist Party
Leader of the Thirds Willem Winkelman National Party