Namorese Interdistrict 2

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Namorese Interdistrict 2
2-xо Куджикосу
Major junctions
South end:I22.png I-22 in Xiangmen, Minjian
 K11.png K11 in Xiangmen
K111.png K111 in Phingphen, Southern Namor
K220.png K220 in Sicho, Southern Namor
I12.png I-12 in Sicho
I25.png I-25 in Namo, Capital District
I12.png I-12 in Namo
I32.png I-32 in Kamuden, East Namor
I25.png I-25 in Yujeng, East Namor
K10sign.png K10 in Mojing, East Namor
K19.png K19 in Sharlitston, East Namor
K118.png K118 in Hoang Sa, Antelopia
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Antelopia Route 2 in Canh Cua, Antelopia
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Antelopia Route 3 in Thien Chua Phong, Antelopia
I55.png I-55 in Nghenh Nghenh, Antelopia
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Antelopia Route 1 in Cong Bac, Antelopia
I75.png Ngam, Khao
I95.png I-95 near Shang Chon, Xibensho
North end:Highway 2 in Shang Chon, Chorea

Namorese Interdistrict 2 (2-xо Куджикосу), known simply as Interdistrict 2 or I-2 for short, is a major highway in the People's Republic of Namor. It is the longest highway in Namor, running between Minjian in southwestern Namor to Xibensho in northeastern Namor.

I-2 runs through seven regions - Minjian, Southern Namor, East Namor, Antelopia, Khao, Arra and Xibensho. It serves the metropolitan areas of Xiangmen, Sicho, Namo, Mojing, Nghenh Nghenh, Ngam and Haidi. In addition, it is the main highway of the network of highways in the southern coast, being the parent route of numerous special routes.

Route description


Interdistrict 2 begins at the southern terminus of Interdistrict 22 in Xiangmen, Minjian. A toll gate marks the end of I-22 and I-2. From there, I-2 leaves the Xiangmen metropolitan area and heads for the district border with Southern Namor.

Southern Namor and Namo

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The point before Interdistrict 12 (which leads to Esquarian City) splits from I-2 (which leads to Namo and Mojing)

More of I-2 runs through Southern Namor than any other district or autonomous republic. The highway runs through mostly rural or suburban areas.

In Phingphen, I-2 has a junction with expressway K111. Following that, I-2 goes through the coastal municipality of Sandinghan before making its way back inland and reaching the city of Sicho. I-2 between Sicho and Namo is very busy, marked with traffic congestion daily. I-2 intervening Sicho and Namo and another route, I-12, which connects Sicho with Esquarian City and Namo, make up the "Traffic Triangle," considered to be the place with the worst traffic in the country. There are plans to build more routes between the three cities to alleviate problems caused by congestion.

In Namo, I-2 shares junctions with I-12 and I-25.

East Namor

I-2 shares a junction with I-32 in Kamuden, East Namor, and another junction with I-25 in Yujeng. Traffic becomes more congested once more as the highway approaches Mojing.

In Mojing, there is a junction with expressway K10. Heading northward, another junction with expressway K19 exists with Sharlitston.


From south to north, Antelopia is the first autonomous republic which I-2 passes through. I-2 in Antelopia is considered part of the East Coast Highway (國路坡東 or Quốc lộ Bờ Đông).

In Hoang Sa, I-2 shares a junction with expressway K118. Then, in Canh Cua and Thien Chua Phong, it shares junctions with Antelopia Routes 2 and 3, respectively. In the regional capital of Nghenh Nghenh, I-2 shares a junction with the eastern terminus of Namorese Interdistrict 55. Finally, before leaving Antelopia for Khao, I-2 shares another junction with Antelopia Route 1 in Cong Bac. The East Coast Highway ends at the point where I-2 leaves Antelopia.

Khao and Arra

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A sign near the northern end of I-2 reminding drivers to prepare all necessary documents as they enter Chorea as well as follow all Chorean laws once crossing the border

I-2 in Khao, part of the Khaothang Duan (ເຂົ້າທາງດ່ວນ) or the "Khao Turnpike," shares a junction with Namorese Interdistrict 75 in the regional capital of Ngam.

It then enters the district of Arra, part of which is situated between Khao and the ethnic Chorean autonomous republic of Xibensho.


In Xibensho, I-2 passes through the regional capital of Haidi. A few kilometers north, it meets the eastern terminus of Namorese Interdistrict 95.

Interdistrict 2 ends at its northern terminus, located in the Sang Chon Port of Entry, the main border crossing between Sang Chon, Namorese Xibensho and the town of the same name in Chorea. A marker indicates the end of I-2 at the Sang Chon crossing; beyond the crossing in Chorean territory, I-2 continues as Chorean Highway 2.