NGU general election, 2013

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NGU presidential election, 2033
Nationalist Gold Union
2017 ←
1 February 2033 → 2037

  Sulzbachface.jpg Powell face.png John McDonnell, 2016 Labour Party Conference.jpg
Candidate Joseph Sulzbach David Powell Iuan McDonnell
Party Independent New National Party Labour Party - West Coast
Alliance Confederation of Autonomous Right-wing Groups National Republican CoalitionChristian Democratic Union[1] Democratic Socialist Confederation
Popular vote 42,209,924 66,892,848 3,160,530
Percentage 31.6% 50.0% 2.4%

  Official portrait of Phil Wilson crop 2.jpg Danièle Hoffman-Rispal.jpg Other candidate.png
Candidate Phil Reagan Loraine Akuniska Other candidates
Party Bison Movement Northern Liberation Party
Alliance Movement for the Independence of Oppressed Nations Working Class League
Popular vote 5,718,084 1,327,371 14,477,068
Percentage 4.3% 1% 10.8%

President before election

Joseph Sulzbach
Independent (CARG)

Elected President

David Powell
New National Party (NRCCDU)


  1. The two alliances temporarily merged after CDU-CNP candidate Mayra Scott dropped out to be Powell's running mate.