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Motto: "Libertat et Égalitat"
"Liberty and Equality"
Anthem: La Lorrainer
"The Lorrainer"
Official languages
 -  Secretary General Rébecca Levett
 -  Consul of Midrasia Melcion Portas
 -  First Minister of Renneque Nicoline Lavigne
 -  First Minister of Majule Bhima Sharma
 -  First Minister of the Jade States Nunu Lopamaua
 -  Establishment 1902 
 -  Riquarde Declaration 1918 
 -  Fontnouveau Amendment 1956 
 -  estimate 130,541,701
 -  2017 census 130,500,000
 -  Density 68.81/km2
26.57/sq mi
Time zone WRT (UTC -4)
ERT (UTC -3)
FST (UTC -1)
SLT (UTC +9)
JOT (UTC +10)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the left
Calling code
Internet TLD

The Mydramonde, meaning Mydran world, or Mydran Realm, sometimes referred to as the Midrasian Commonwealth is a intergovernmental organisation of states, most of which were formerly part of the Midrasian Empire or who hold close ties to the Midrasian state. The organisation is composed of two classes of members, 'core members' who hold close political ties to the Midrasian state, and 'associate members' who whilst holding ties to Midrasia, are not fully integrated into the organisation's political and economic structures.

The member states of the organisation participate as partners on an equal basis. Nominally however the 'core members' share a closed bond within the organisation, closely cooperating on defence and economic matters and sharing a free movement agreement. However, the smaller members of the confederation, Majule, the Jade States and other devolved entities such as Vaellenia are entirely reliant on Midrasia for everyday governance. However, each of these entities has a devolved government with varying degrees of autonomy and power. 'Associated partners' within the organisation continue to benefit from priority economic and political agreements among all members of the organisation.

The Mydramonde dates back to the aftermath of the Great War when internal tension within the Midrasian Empire led to a movement to create a 'federation of equals' between the various entities within the Empire. Despite considerable internal divisions and the independence of Luixiana, the Empire mostly remained intact following the reforms. However, with the decolonisation movement of the 1950s, much of the Majulan continent gained independence from the empire, significantly reducing the size of the Empire. In 1956 the Empire was re-branded into the Mydramonde, effectively paving the way for independence for the various parts of the Empire, whilst retaining ties to Midrasia. Although most former territories such as Nzotare disassociated themselves from Midrasia following independence, a number of territories remained members of the organisation, benefiting from key political and economic ties among the member states.



Realm members

Country Head of Government Population
 Midrasia Melcion Portas 85,540,225
 Renneque Nicoline Lavigne 41,230,416
 Majule Bhima Sharma 3,227,643
 Jade States Nunu Lopamaua 543,417

Associated members

Country Head of Government Population
 Agathusa Tyndareus Sikander Thanos I 201,112
 Bihanhi Anand Mukhtar 157,686,858
 Indragiri Luix Emmanuel 54,450,501
 Luixiana Armand Lefeuvre 73,219,024
 Sant Masllorenç 528,000



Timeline of constituent countries