Mozes Koeaara

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Mozes Koeaara
Koeaara in June 2018
State President of Nimear
Taking office
August 15, 2018
ChancellorWillem Marsch
SucceedingValerie Krassenberg

Mozes Koeaara (born June 6, 1960), popularly known as Uncle Moe (Hennish: Oom Moe, Amaru: Awki Mo), is a Nimearian politician, and, following the 2018 election, the current State President of Nimear. He is also the leader of the Rainbow Coalition, a left-wing political party which he helped to found. Prior to his election as State President, he had served as a member of the States General as an independent socialist.

Koeaara was born to Amaru migrant farm-workers in Binnenland province, in the June of 1960. He was employed in the sugarcane industry starting 1972, but was able to attend the University of Verlois in 1981 as part of a Gaullican scholarship program, associating with the revolutionary socialist Marée Rouge students' group. He graduated in 1985 with a degree in agricultural management. He entered politics in 1995, being elected to the Nieuwbommel parish council on an independent ticket. The next year, he would step down, instead winning a seat in the States General in the year's general election. Koeaara would remain an unknown backbencher.

In the April of 2018 Koeaara put forward his agricultural land reform bill as a private member's bill, citing a report from the University of Sint-Nicolaas and his own knowledge of agricultural policy. State President Kruger vetoed the bill, leading to his impeachment and the 2018 presidential election. Koeaara ran, first as an independent and later on behalf of the Rainbow Coalition, winning the election with 67.6% of votes.

Koeaara has expressed his support for Lorenzo Occhetto's Liberation Socialism, and is considered one of the forebears of the Asterian "Red Wave".