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Kingdom of Motsvara
Konungariket Motsvara
Flag National Seal
Motto: "Framsteg och jämställdhet "
"Progress and Equality"
Anthem: Glorious Motsvara
Largest city Krova
Official languages Motsvaran, Navish
Recognised regional languages Indfødstale,
Demonym Motsvaran
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Monarch Oscar III
 -  Prime Minister Allan Ekström
 -  Speaker of the Council Stefan Reinfeldt
Legislature Grand Council of Motsvara
 -  Discovery by Kingdom of Navack December 12, 1579 
 -  Colonization(By Navack) February 27, 1624 
 -  Unification(Under UKL) July 22, 1668 
 -  Independence from UKL January 1, 1900 
 -  Establishment of the First Kingdom of Motsvara March 18, 1900 
 -  Motsvaran Revolution September 12, 1914 
 -  Establishment of the Second Kingdom of Motsvara June 28th, 1921 
 -  Total 824,196 km2
512,131 sq mi
 -  2017 estimate 53,312,963
GDP (PPP) 2017 estimate
 -  Total $315,237,000,000
 -  Per capita $12,912
Gini (2017)positive decrease 19
HDI (2017)Increase 0.771
Currency Mynt (MNT)
Time zone Central Vestrim Time (UTC-7)
 -  Summer (DST) Central Vestrim Summer Time (UTC-6)
Date format DD/MM/YYYY
Drives on the right
Calling code +04
Internet TLD .mv

Motsvara, officially the Kingdom of Motsvara (Motsvaran: Konungariket Motsvara) is a Soviet Republic in eastern Vestrim, located on the planet Aeia. The nation is split into 15 administrative divisions, each of which is split into 15 districts.

Beginning as a navish colony known as Vastaava in the mid 1600s, it would be quickly swept up into the United Kingdom of Lhedwin. It would remain as an overseas possession for nearly three centuries before the UKL crumbled, leaving the current lhedwinic nations and the Kingdom of Motsvara in its wake. This kingdom, ruled by old lhedwinic nobles, would be short lived. In 1914 it was overthrowed and replaced with the People's Republic, a soviet state that has lasted more than a century to this very day.


The name Motsvara is thought to come from the old lhedwinic word Vaastava and the native vestrimi word Mot'tah. When colonizing the land today known as Motsvara, the Navish settlers remarked often how peaceful and quiet the nation seemed. Upon establishing a colony, they named it Vaastava, or Tranquility.

Later, when the United Kingdom of Lhedwin fell, the new kingdom payed homage to the native vestrimi by adding Mot'tah to the name, a reference to the great mountain at Motsvara's center. Motsvara would become synonymous with freedom and equality within the local language.



Ancient History

Modern History

Navish Colonization

The United Kingdom of Lhedwin

Independence and Revolution

Rise of Socialism





Law and Justice

Administrative Divisions

Foreign Affairs







Holidays and Festivals

Motsvara celebrates International Workers Day on the Fourth of May. It celebrates the founding of the UVR in Vestrim and the freedom of the workers of the world.