Montecaran libra

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Montecaran libra
libra Montecarà (Montecaran)
ISO 4217 Code MCL
User(s)  Montecara
Inflation 0.9%
Source 2017 Q4
Method CPI
1/12 ònçia
Symbol Ł
ònçia ø
Plural librà
ònçia onçià
Freq. used Ł1, Ł2, Ł5, Ł10
Freq. used Ł20, Ł50, Ł100, Ł200
Rarely used Ł500
Issuing authority Banca de Montecara

The Montecaran libra is the official currency of Montecara. It derives its name from the old Latin unit of measure for "pound," and originally indicated a value of one troy pound of silver. It is formally subdivided into 12 onçià, though coins have not been made in that denomination in decades. It is currently valued at approximately Ł5 to NSD 1.


Image Value Description
Obverse Reverse
Libra1.png Ł1 Denomination, bank mark, and year Symbol of Saturn
Libra2.png Ł2 Denomination, bank mark, and year Wreath of coral and trident
Libra5.png Ł5 Denomination, bank mark, and year Scallop shell and waves
Libra10.png Ł10 Denomination, bank mark, and year Coat of arms of Montecara


Image Value Description
Front Back Dimensions (mm) Front Back
Ł20 135 × 82 Captain-General Càrle Xèno Seascape with Montecaran galleys
Ł50 163 × 95 Painter Tixàn Vecèlo Engraving of Neptune Offering the Wealth of the Sea to Montecara
Ł100 165 × 106 Architect Arnòld di Buçhe Pànteon Nuova
Ł200 181 × 115 Diplomat Maria Agrìte Arc da Liberàxon
Ł500 200 × 125 Explorer Enrico Dulio Palaço Pùblico