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Editor Elton Cornwell
Categories Business
Frequency Weekly
First issue 1987
Company Flow Corporation
Based in Franklin
Language Western English

MoneyFlow is a Western business magazine owned by Flow Corporation, providing entrepreneurial columns, tips on business strategies as well current corporate sentiment. It was founded by Ian Wahlmark, a Nijdelander businessman from Franklin in 1987.

They initiated the famous trade index HAMBURGER, which shows the price of one HBurgers' "Hamburger" in multiple currencies, comparing the many curencies and their domestic price to the burger. Managers of MoneyFlow are reported to be advisories to the Independent Organization of Transitional Structure (IOTS), an organization that sets up criteria for the eligibility of businesses for a governing position in one of the market states.

MoneyFlow also, in corporation with Enterprise and the Far East Business Review, releases the annual Business in the World report.

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