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Motto: Kjarkur ogh Tro (Late Mearish: Courage and Faith)
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Location of Mearland in Geadland
CapitalDa Fugh
 • TypeMearland County Council
 • CommissionerLena Vesterkirk (SDLP)
 • Total1,379,169
Time zoneUTC -6 (UTC-6)
 • Summer (DST)UTC -5 (UTC-5)

Mearland (Mηρλȣνδ Standard Geadish: /mɛɐ.lʊnd/) is one of the 15 Counties of Geadland. It is located in the central south of the country and includes Roddel Hod, the southernmost point in the country.

The capital of the county is Da Fugh, home to about a third of the population, and is part of the Southern Belt Metropolitan Area that extends into both neighbouring counties. Most of the population live in the north of the country. Most of the county's land area consists of sparsely populated mountains, with most of the population confined to the valley of the River Au. Politically, Mearland tends to favour the left-wing parties, especially in urban areas.

Mearland is named after the Mears, one of several Viking tribe who settled Geadland alongside the Geads. The Mearish language was once the main language of the county. It was displaced from the northern towns in the late Middle Ages and by the end of the Geadish Golden Age, it was confined for the mountains. After the Industrial Revolution, migration and improvements in transport and communication links caused the language to go extinct in Geadland. However, a legacy of the language is that Mearland has a distinctive accent and dialect.