Marijke Heijmans

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Marijke Heijmans
ᛘᛆᚱᛁᛁᚴᛂ ᚼᛂᛁᛁᛘᛆᚿᛋ
Photograph of Heijmans at a speech to her supporters, 2017.
18th Lawspeaker of Faldarun
Assumed office
20 March 2017
Preceded by Mikaela Ólafsdóttir
Commissary for Internal Affairs
In office
17 August 2012 – 20 March 2017
Preceded by Arnbjörg Ingolfssdóttir
Succeeded by Selma Leifssdóttir
Personal details
Born Mikaela Ólafsdóttir
(1994-11-17) November 17, 1994 (age 23)
Nieuw Keulen, Nordehuken, Faldarun
Nationality Faldarunic/Helderian
Political party Autonomist faction
Domestic partner Priya Singh
Alma mater Lovise Mikaelsdóttir Academy
Profession Politician
Religion Agnostic

Marijke Heijmans (Faldarunic: ᛘᛆᚱᛁᛁᚴᛂ ᚼᛂᛁᛁᛘᛆᚿᛋ; born 17 November 1994, age 22) is the 18th and current Lawspeaker of the Confederation of Faldarun, having been elected in the 2017 election. She is a member of the Autonomist faction, the first Helderian to hold the office of Lawspeaker, and the youngest person to hold the position.