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  Member states
HeadquartersLuxembourg, Van Luxemburg
Official languages

The Maredoratic League is a regional organization based in Maredoratica which seeks to maintain the sovereign status of Maredoratic states and the security of the region as a whole. Nations of all political and economic affiliations are permitted to join and one of the League's main goals is to promote, if not friendly, favorable relations between member states regardless of differences in politics.



The ML consists of four main bodies, with differing duties and responsibilities. The Maredoratic League is headquartered in Luxembourg, which, though legally part of the Grand Duchy of Van Luxemburg, is considered international territory in certain respects for the duration of ML General Assembly meetings. In all other cases, only the grounds of the ML complex are considered international territory.

General Assembly

The General Assembly, consisting varying numbers of representatives from each ML nation, functions as the League's primary deliberative body in addition to an open forum in which national leaders can address the whole of the ML. The General Assembly is responsible furthermore for suggesting and passing through simple majority pieces of legislation considered "non-binding", in that member-states are encouraged but not required to implement them. The Assembly holds the power to suggest locations for peacekeeping forces to be deployed through simple majority – the suggestion then passes to the League's second body, the League Council.

Each nation represented in the Maredoratic League is allowed at least three representatives, but exact numbers are dependent on the state's population. For every five million citizens, the member-state is allowed one additional voting representative in the General Assembly, with observers permitted to the point where they do not interrupt proceedings. These representatives are expected to be voted on by the entirety of the member-state's citizenry, so they can adequately represent the interests of the general populace. In practice, some member states directly appoint their representatives, or derive a mixed system of election and appointments.

The General Assembly is the body responsible for various "day-to-day" responsibilities of the ML. These responsibilities include honoring various individuals and issuing condemnations for actions, suspension and expulsion of members, and budgetary matters. The primary roll of the General Assembly is in overseeing the various League institutions; it has the authority to set their agenda by outlining the direction and principles of said institutions, granting them funding, and confirming or vetoing nominees for their Director-General positions.

Political groupings of the General Assembly
Party Grouping Seats GA leader National government
Parti républicain-socialiste MSD 3 / 12 Francisque Leites
in opposition
Parti populaire civique MCPM 3 / 12 Emilia Chalandon
in government
Coalition paysanne MCPM 2 / 12 Georges Chaban
in government
Parti républicain de la liberté MLDA 2 / 12 Jacques de Murville
in government
Parti démocrate MLDA 1 / 12 Édith Hamon
in opposition
Rassemblement national IUR 1 / 12 Maté Munvüss
in opposition
Partito socialista pacifista MSD 4 / 7 Servidio Bini
in government
Partito popolare borgosesiano MCPM 2 / 7 Leonilda Buglione
in opposition
Fronte progressista MLDA 1 / 7 Colmanno Corti
in opposition
Côte d'Or
Partito nazionale repubblicana MLDA 8/ 16 Ndidi Fermi
in government
Alleanza liberale democratica MLDA 4 / 16 Domenico Fina
in government
Partito socialista progressiva MSD 4 / 16 Giacobbe Alò
in opposition
Liberalpartiet PMM 4 / 16 - senior party in government coalition
Gallskedemokratiskparteiet MLDA 2 / 16 - junior party in government coalition
Gallskedemokraterna MLDA 3 / 16 -
in opposition
Nordiskalliansen IUR 2 / 16 -
in opposition
Nationalllisten IUR 1 / 16 -
in opposition
Gronpartiet MSD 1 / 16 -
in opposition
Republicanskpartiet MSD 1 / 16 -
in opposition
Generalistiskparteiet MRL 1 / 16 -
in opposition
Miljopartiet MRL 1 / 16 -
in opposition
Tengeriin Sükh IUR 11/ 20 -
in government
Shatlan Evsel MLDA 6/ 20 -
in opposition
Khas Iyankhua Nam MLDA 3/ 20 -
in opposition
Maakjwabland Folke̊s Unafhonihadrpartiy MCPM 2 / 3 in government
Bünden Socialkongre̊s MSD 1 / 3 in opposition
Parti Révolutionnaire Non-inscrit 24 / 37 Maurice Sadi Doumer senior party in government coalition
Mouvement solidaire MSD 7 / 37 Jean-Joseph Périer junior party in government coalition
Bloc libéral démocrate MLDA 3 / 37 Henri Sakir in opposition
Parti communiste MRL 3 / 37 Kaïd Ramdane in opposition
Liberální Unie MLDA 6 / 17 - in government
Občanští Demokraté MCPM 4 / 17 - in opposition
Republikánský Práce MRL 3 / 17 - in opposition
Zdarma Voliči Non-inscrit 3 / 12 - unaligned
Nacionalistická Strana IUR 1 / 17 -
in opposition
Parti faune Non-inscrit 5 / 12 Pierre le Perruche extraparliamentary opposition
Parti socialiste MSD 3 / 12 Martin Gagne in opposition
Parti socialiste libéral MSD 2 / 12 Renee Martin
in government
Social-démocrate MSD 2 / 12 Guy de Roche
in government
United Party MLDA 8 / 21 Serena Mondadori in government
National Reform Party MCPM 5 / 21 William Taylor-Smith in opposition
Labour Party MSD 4 / 21 Nicolas Dumont in opposition
Maredoratica First PMM 4 / 21 Julia Verhoeven non-existent
UCS/CSU MCPM 2 / 4 in government
AdL/VdA MSD 2 / 4 in opposition
Partitû Socciálice Sombornice MSD 2 / 3 senior party in government coalition
Partitû Populice MCPM 1 / 3 in opposition
Könserfädifpärtiy MCPM 3 / 6 Holgar Lingjberg senior party in government coalition
Socialist-Arbatpartiy MSD 2 / 6 Kädjin Fairchild in opposition
Midburhe̊rnslist Non-inscrit 1 / 6 Kiä Arndssunr non-existent
Christlich Demokratische Union IUR 10 / 15 Vanessa Siebold
in government
Internationales Familien Gruppe MCPM 5 / 15 Lukas Gesell junior party in government coalition
Parti Radical MLDA 2 / 7 Sophie Alliot senior party in government coalition
Parti Socialiste MSD 2 / 7 Éric Malpasset in opposition
Democratic Movement MLDA 1 / 7 Isabella Rosselini in government
Christian Bloc MCPM 1 / 7 Didier Kurtz junior party in government coalition
Front National IUR 1 / 7 Charles Piraud non-existent
Van Luxemburg
Demokratesche Centralpartei MLDA 6 / 20 Someone in opposition
Liberale Demokratesche Grupp MLDA 5 / 20 Someone senior party in government coalition
Sozial-Demokratesche Partei MSD 3 / 20 Someone in opposition
Christleche Vollekspartei MCPM 3 / 20 Someone in opposition
Maredoratika Eent PMM 3 / 20 Someone non-existent
Party Grouping Seats GA leader National government
various IUR 1+ / 341  ??? N/A
various MCPM 25+ / 341  ??? N/A
various MLDA 30+ / 341  ??? N/A
various MRL 3+ / 341  ??? N/A
various MSD 36+ / 341  ??? N/A
various PMM 7+ / 341  ??? N/A
various Non-inscrit 30+ / 341 N/A N/A

League Council

The Council has the power to suggest and pass "binding" legislation. Binding legislation must be implemented in all Maredoratic League member-states lest they risk expulsion from the League. Because the Council has the sole power to pass such legislation, it is composed of the heads of state (or government) for each member-state to ensure that the national governments of constituent states are in support. The Council may only involve itself in matters of international importance, including but not limited to: genocide and crimes against humanity, human trafficking, regional development, and trade.

The League Council reserves a number of rights not available to the General Assembly, in addition to the power to pass binding legislation. The Council is responsible for sanctioning peacekeeping missions once they pass through the General Assembly, and only the Council can establish or dissolve constituent organizations. The Council can, by simple majority vote, expel, sanction, or censure a member state, block a candidate state from joining, or authorize peacekeeping missions.

Office of Peacekeeping and Regional Development

The Office of Peacekeeping and Regional Development (OPRD) has jurisdiction over matters of regional security. This power extends solely to the management of peacekeepers once deployed, and the filing of requests from member-states for personnel. The OPRD does not have the power to sanction a peacekeeping action, that power resting solely with the General Assembly and Council. The OPRD furthermore is responsible for subsequent rebuilding of nations where peacekeepers have been deployed, and operates on a mix of volunteer funding from member-states, individual donations, and taxes levied from the membership base.

Maredoratic International Criminal Court

The final organ of the ML, the Maredoratic International Criminal Court (MICC), is the body responsible for prosecution and subsequent sentencing of criminals considered by the court to have committed gross abuses of human rights. Though it requires the initial consent of the League Council and General Assembly to pursue an investigation, the MICC operates under its own auspices once the investigation is underway. Sentencing is the responsibility of a panel of judges in a tribunal; these judges are selected at random from a pool of available ML-salaried individuals. Their identities are not known prior to the beginning of the trial.

The General Assembly is responsible for approving the start of investigations, though the League Council may overturn this power with a majority vote. Once an investigation is underway, it is the duty of the Office of the Prosecutor to gather evidence and bring the case to trial; it is the responsibility of the law enforcement agencies of Maredoratic member-states to apprehend (if necessary) the accused and physically bring him or her to trial.

The panel of ten judges may not contain more than one judge from any one nation, and may not have their identities as future judges compromised. If they are, they may be replaced, with another judge chosen randomly. The accused is always represented by a legal counsel of their choosing, and the MICC itself has one of the most extensive lists of due process guarantees in Maredoratica.

Office of Island Affairs

The Office of Island Affairs (OIA) is the body responsible for the oversight and, in the cases of some islands which had no preexisting indigenous population, administration, of the Trust Territory of the Coventic Islands, which comprises several small island groups in the Coventic Ocean. Under the Liése Treaty on the Coventic Islands the Maredoratic League is responsible for guaranteeing the peace and security of the trust territory and preventing "damage to the indigenous peoples and natural landscapes and environs of the islands outlined as falling within the Trust Territory".


Maredoratic League constituent institutions are specialized intergovernmental organizations fulfilling specific mandates, which are either granted to them by ML charters, or, in the case of certain precursor organizations which are considered to have been subsumed into the Maredoratic League system (but which may have full members which are not full Maredoratic League members; for example, the Maredoratic Commission for Air Navigation), by separate preexisting treaty.

Maredoratic League institutions operate as a sort of intergovernmental civil service within the legislation of the Maredoratic League General Assembly, which oversees their operations. The Directors-General of the organizations may be nominated by any individual member of the General Assembly and approved or blocked by a simple majority vote in the GA.

Agencies of the Maredoratic League
No. Agency Acronym Headquarters Established
1 Maredoratic Health Organization MHO
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Santo André, Jungastia
2 Maredoratic League International Children's Education Fund MLICEF
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Valence, Valcluse
3 Maredoratic International Food Organization MIFO
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Arugula, Ruccola
4 Maredoratic Labor Organization MLO
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Cap-Métis, Morieux
5 Maredoratic International Pharmaceuticals Agency MIPA
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Genevad, Galla
6 Maredoratic Universal Postal Organization MUPO
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Santo André, Jungastia
7 Maredoratic League International Bank MLIB
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Gênes, Berry
8 Maredoratic Maritime Organization MMO
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Sétif, Morieux
9 Trans-Maredoratic Transport Organization TMTO
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Martigues, Van Luxemburg
10 Maredoratic Tourism Agency MTA
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Seso, Borgosesia
11 Maredoratic Organization for Culture, Education and Science MOCES
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Windstrand, Sondstead
12 Maredoratic Organisation for Human Rights, Refugees and Development MOHRRD
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Vienne, Rochehaut
13 Maredoratic Trade Organization MTO
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Lenešice, Pollona
14 Maredoratic Environmental Organization MEO
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Baratza, Boaga