M108 Hurricane

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M108 Hurricane
Type Main Battle Tank
Place of origin
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Service history
In service 2009 - Present
Used by Starwindi Republic Army
Wars 2007 Starwind Civil War
Production history
Designer Dragonforce Armours FAC
Designed 2005 - 2008
Manufacturer Dragonforce Armours FAC
Produced 2008 - Present
Specifications (Main Battle Tank)
Weight 62t
Length Hull length: 8.14m
Gun forward: 10.62m
Width 3.81m
Height 3.19 m
Crew 4 (Commander, driver, gunner, loader)

Armor M108: Composite armor
M108A1: Depleted uranium composite
120mm L/44 smoothbore TC-120A(c) (45 rounds)
1x 12.7mm M109T/H, 1x 7.62mm AM104L
Engine Dinaves MULFUTE-07(m) multi-fuel turbine engine
1530 hp
Suspension Torsion-bars suspension
Speed 53 km/h (33 mph)

The M108 Hurricane is an advanced third-generation main battle tank designed by Dragonforce Armours FAC on request by the Starwindi Republic Army. It was the first tank to be named, after Hurricane uf Prience, one of the people that would come to found modern day Starwind. The M108 is intended to fully replace the BT79 in 2020.

The M108 was developed 2005 - 2008, entered production in 2009, and was finally approved for service with the SRA in 2010.



In 1986, the company Dragonforce Armour shut down after wide dissatisfaction with their tanks, which proved unable to compete with the BT79. The M73A2 Valiant, designed as a direct counter to the BT79, saw service in the Final War. The Valiant is said to have performed very well while the BT79-83 suffered from a lack of protection to the crew as well as a lack of firepower to make up for the weaker armor. However, in 1997, with the introduction of the BT79-97, the Valiant was rendered obsolete, and as Dragonforce Armour had shut down in 1986, the Valiant was retired from active service in 2002.


In 2004, Dragonforce Armour was revived by the government to work on modernizing the Valiant to make it fit for export. However, the company soon recieved a request from the army, who asked for a tank that could offer both protection and firepower to the crew, as well as a reasonable speed on and off roads and the ability to use atleast two types of fuel. The company set out to make this tank in 2005, and the project was dubbed "Project Firebase". The first prototype finished in 2007, shortly before the start of the civil war. With the breakout of the civil war in June, the army ordered that the prototype be used to support the planned landings at Beilyne, despite Dragonforce's claims that the tank was not ready for frontline duty. The prototype never reached the shore, however, as the transport carrying the tank was sunk by a coastal gun while approaching the landing site. The army continued to pile demands for the tank to be finished on the company until 2008, when the tank was officially finished and ready for duty.


The M108 saw much combat during the civil war despite the low numbers produced.


  • X107 - Prototype version of the M108. Two were produced, and both were lost during Operation Sandbreaker.
  • M108 - Standard production variant. Saw combat throughout most of the civil war despite the low numbers produced.
  • M108A1 - Improved version of the M108. Introduced in 2011, it saw short service in the war.
  • M108X1 - Intended export version. This version is mostly based on the X107.