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M91 Eagle Main Battle Tank
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An M91 Eagle MBT of the Lanos Army on manuevers in Fort Isado, Freiland (August 12, 2002).
Type Main Battle Tank
Place of origin
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Service history
In service 1998-present
Used by
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Wars Second Great Desert War
Production history
Designer Lanos Armored Vehicle Corporation
Designed 1991-1997
Manufacturer Lanos Armored Vehicle Corporation
Unit cost NS$12 million (2012)
Produced 1998-present
Number built 458 (2013)
Variants M91
Weight 57,000kg
Length Gun forward: 9.87m
Hull: 7.03m
Width basic width 3.43m
with ballistic skirts 3.6m
with side mirrors 3.71m
Height 2.53m
Crew 3 (commander, driver, gunner)

Armor Modular composite including titanium and tungsten layers/non-explosive reactive armor
Hull 600mm vs. APFSDS, 1060mm vs. HEAT
Turret 400-700mm vs. APFSDS, 1400-1750mm vs HEAT
M128 120mm L/52 Ek-2D smoothbore cannon
12.7mm coaxial machine gun (1100rd.)
7.62mm pintle-mounted remote-controlled machine gun (3000rd.)
Engine National Motors KPW-Z1-12Ek 12-cylinder gas-turbine-turbocharged diesel engine
Power/weight 27.52hp/t
Payload capacity 40 120mm rounds
Transmission National Motors Kastram cross-drive automatic
five forward, two reverse gears
Suspension hydropneumatic
Ground clearance 0.5m
Fuel capacity 1420L internal, 1820L with external tanks
550km, 650km with external tanks
Speed 72km/h, reverse 38km/h

The M91 Eagle Main Battle Tank is a main battle tank that was designed and currently manufactured in Lanos by the Lanos Armored Vehicle Corporation. It was designed and created to replace the aging M60-series Patton main battle tank and be supplemented by the M60T Sabra main battle tank in Lanosian service. It is named for the Black and While Hawk-Eagle, the national bird of Lanos. Its design allows for operation in South Emmerian environments while maintaining a balance between protection, firepower, and mobility. Weighing in at 56 metric tons in its full combat configuration, the tank is one of the lightest main battle tanks in the world and one of the fastest of its generation. The tank entered Lanosian service in 1998 after years of development and testing. It serves alongside the M60T Sabra in service and is the frontline main battle tank of the entire Lanos Armed Forces. The M91 is the only variant in Lanosian service.


During the 1980s, the M60-series main battle tank was shown to be showing its age compared to other main battle tanks at the time, especially the Emmerian M1 Abrams despite second-line usage of the M60-series tank. Even during the Great Desert War , which Lanos had actively participated in, the National Government and the Armed Forces sought a main battle tank that was suited for the Lanosian terrain and was significantly more modern than the M60. The government undertook the stopgap M60 Phoenix upgrade program for M60-series tanks to get them modernized and to modern ANTO-frontline standard but Lanos needed a new main battle tank. Knowing the Lanosian and South Emmerian environment and terrain precluded tanks such as the M1 Abrams from effective service, the Armed Forces turned to other potential designs for the new Lanosian tank, even home-built sources. Importation of foreign tanks was considered but rejected in favor of producing a Lanosian tank suited to South Emmeria.

However, domestic manufacture of a indigenous Lanosian tank

  • Under construction.




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