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The Imperial Commonwealth State of Lotylay
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Motto: In Libertate, Virtute (In liberty, strength)
and largest city
Official languages English, German, Russian
Government Parliamentary Democracy
 -  Prime Minister Adrian Ivanoff
Legislature Lotylayian Parliament
Settling of Lotylay
 -  Settled LY 0 
 -  Founded LY September 28, 324 
 -  LY 401 (Lotylayian Year) estimate 223,374,205
GDP (PPP) LY 401 estimate
 -  Total S1. 3.2 Trillion
 -  Per capita S1. 7,902
Currency Amar (AMR)
Time zone Pacific Standard Zone
Drives on the right
Calling code +368
Internet TLD .lo

Lotylay, officially The United Socialist Empire of Lotylay, is a nation in Archmont. It is bordered by Humanation to the West and Aecer to the East, with vast amounts of unclaimed land to the North and South. Lotylay is a culturally diverse land made of 5 regions that were once all their own countries. Recently, Lotylay joined the Southern Archmont Treaty Organization to help promote their economy.


Early Days of Lotylay

When the Lotylayian mainland was first found in LY 0, it's settlers were refugees escaping from the totalitarian regime of Manistai. They landed on the Northeast coast. In 12 LY, Manistai was torn into a civil war between democratic rebels and the dictatorial government. The settlers of Lotylay formed the city-state of Manistai By 21 LY, a group of the settlers moved to the South, forming the city-state of Asim in Feron. Soon settlers were moving away from Manistai to settle other parts of the land. By 34 LY All of the territories that Lotylay holds today had been settled.

The Koan War

By 56 LY, the 5 regions, Manistai, Calstai, Feron, Ura, and Aski, had been founded. Calstai demanded that Ura returned the coastal city of Koa that had been annexed the year before. Ura refused, and Calstai declared war. They quickly retook Koa, although an attempt to invade Ura was repelled. With the war a stalemate and lack of supplies, Uran communists revolted against the government taking Laki and declaring the nation as The Socialist Republic of Ura. In 57 LY, Ura cut their losses and gave Calstai Koa.

Reign of Ghyme

By 86 LY the communist regime of Ura had dissolved because of debt. Ghyme was an Uran military officer who retook most of Ura declaring himself emperor. He declared war on Aski on March of 91 LY knocking out their small army and processing too slowly conquer the rest of the mountainous nation. By May he had annexed Aski and pressed down any opposition. On August 12th he declared war on Calstai, moving through the nation at an incredible speed. On the 23rd, Uran forces took Ingrad and Calstai capitulated. However, on September 2nd, Manistai and Feron declared war on Ura when it had all of its troops in Calstai. The superior forces advanced through Ura, taking Laki. Ura capitulated as Ghyme fled the country, although he was later caught and executed for war crimes. They established parliamentary monarchies in the conquered nations.

Lotyl Unites the Kingdoms

When Lotyl The II was crowned Leader of The Kingdom of Manistai in April of 324, he called all the Kingdoms leaders to a council. During the council, he proposed a union of the Kingdoms. The Leaders of Feron and Calstai agreed to the union, but King Kortel of Ura disagreed to the proposal. With Feron and Calstai under his reign, Lotyl declared war against Ura and Aski in June. By Late August, Kortel had passed of oxalic acid poisoning. His heir, Hujki, surrendered to Manistai. Soon Aski had too. On the 28th of September, with all the Kingdoms United, Lotyl declared the nation a Parliamentary Commonwealth, giving up his status as king. The New Prime Minister named the nation Lotylay after it's founder