Long Jiaoche

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Long Jiaoche
Лонг Джозе
Namor Vice President of the People's Republic of Namor
Assumed office
20 April NMR 2378
President Antelope Shohai
Preceded by Derrick Lee
Deputy Secretary-General of the Liberationist Party of Namor
Assumed office
4 January NMR 2378
Leader Antelope Shohai
Namor Vice Commissioner of the Namorese Central Council
In office
31 December NMR 2373 – 10 April NMR 2378
Namor Deputy of the Namorese Central Council
In office
7 February NMR 2363 – 10 April NMR 2378
President Kaitlyn Khan
Fu Wen
  1. 36
Personal details
Born June 29, NMR 2317 (age 60)
Lilai, Vetxhi Minjianese Autonomous Prefecture, Xhipei
Nationality Namorese
Political party Liberationistpartylogo.png Liberationists
Alma mater District University of Xhipei

Long Jiaoche (born June 29, NMR 2317) is the current Vice President of Namor and Deputy Secretary-General of the Liberationist Party of Namor.

Long was elected deputy of the Central Council in NMR 2363, becoming one of the representatives of the 36th Legislative District. In NMR 2373, he was elected Vice Commissioner of the Central Council - the fourth most powerful position in the legislature. That same year, he became a member of the Liberationist Party's Politburo. During the 27th Liberationist Party Congress, Long was elected Deputy Secretary-General and thus became the second most powerful figure in the Politburo Standing Committee and the first non-Kannei to take that position. The 27th Congress also saw Long nominated as the Liberationists' vice presidential candidate. He and Antelope Shohai would go on to win the presidential election in April NMR 2378.