List of treaties in Aeia

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This is a list of treaties between nations on the planet of Aeia. The list includes treaties that are currently in force and those that have expired or are otherwise no longer acted on by the parties.


Organization Treaty Date
 Commonwealth of Democratic Nations Treaty of Berghelling 1990
 Aeian Public Health Organization The World Health Accords 1910
West Asuran Concordat Organisation West Asuran Concordat 1985
 Commonwealth of Democratic Nations The Cyningburgh Pact 1923


Country Treaty Date
 New Timeria
The Treaty of Neighbors 2017


Country Treaty Date
 tir Lhaeraidd Aquido-Lhaeraidh Treaty 1993
 Midrasia International Waterway Pact 1747
 Songdang Daesun Proclamation 1959


Country Treaty Date
Jisthahefa Treaty 2012
 Ovandera O-B Cooperative Agreement 2016


Country Treaty Date
 tir Lhaeraidd Dreyvisevich-Lhaeraidh Treaty 2016

tir Lhaeraidd

Country Treaty Date
 Aquidneck Aquido-Lhaeraidh Treaty 1993
 Vrnallia Saied Convention 1991
 Newrey Lhaeraidh-Newreyan Treaty 1987
 Midrasia Mydro-Lhaeraidh Accord 1988
 Dreyvisevich Dreyvisevich-Lhaeraidh Treaty 2016