List of international and supranational organizations (Aeia)

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Aeian Civilization has evolved to have the ways in which nations interact and cooperate. Below is a list of all known entities which function across national boundaries. Some hold sway above national governments, referred to as supranational unions (supra meaning “above, over”). Others simply interact with multiple governing entities and various populations, referred to as international organizations, and can vary from private, for profit organizations such as corporations to advocacy groups which operate in numerous countries to accomplish goals on a worldwide scale to intergovernmental organizations which operate alongside numerous governments to improve policy making (such as economic forums) but do not generally hold direct authority in governmental affairs.

All entities below are listed by name with its organization type (supranational, international, etc.), the location of its headquarters, its members states, its founding date, and its dissolution date if the organization no longer exists.


Organization Headquarters Type of organization Member states Founding date Legal status Dissolution date (if applicable)
Commonwealth of Democratic Nations (CDN) Perino, Aquidneck • Berghelling, Midrasia Supranational organization  Ajerrin,  Aquidneck,  Carcossica,  Caruolinda,  Crylante (observer),  Edreland (observer),  Elhazia,  Isolaprugna (observer), Glanodel,  Midrasia,  Navack,  Newrey,  Onza,  Vilemyr,  Vrnallia,  Zemiya 2016 Active N/A
World Educational and Cultural Organization (WECO) Kulturarvbygning (Heritage Building), Vænholm, Glanodel International nongovernmental organization  Aleia,  Aquidneck,  Crylante,  Edreland,  Glanodel,  Midrasia, Navack,  Newrey,  Oserland,  Rohst,  Ternca,  tir Lhaeraidd,  Vrnallia 1973 Active N/A
Aeian Public Health Organization Pale, Aquidneck International nongovernmental organization Most Aeian nations 1910 Active N/A
Catisura Economic and Military Pact (CEMP) TBD International Economic and Military Union  Dreyvisevich,  Ternca,  Malban 2007 Active N/A
West Asuran Concordat Organisation (WACO) Canmyr-Weidhal, Free Town of Canmyr-Weidhal Trade bloc  Crylante,  tir Lhaeraidd 1985 Dissolved 2017
Coalition of Sovereign States (CSS) Wolfgangsburg, Hergemoth Military Alliance  Azuredh,  Hergemoth,  Malban (observer),  Transcandar,  Tyronova,  Volghar, 2017 Active N/A
Lhedwinic Council (LC) TBD Intergovernmental Regional Organization  Glanodel,  Crylante,  Vrnallia,  Navack,  Newrey (observer) 2017 Active N/A
The Savaian Alliance (TSA) Lia, New Timeria Supranational organization  Ajerrin,  Indragiri,  Khaonam,  New Timeria 2017 Active N/A
Aquidish Heritage Community (AHC) Palazzo Nereto, Torden, Aquidneck Cultural cooperation organization  Aquidneck,  Carcossica,  Democratic Federation (Aeia)  Isolaprugna  TKae  Vilemyr (observer) 2017 Active N/A