List of countries with nuclear weapons (Kylaris)

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Nine countries in Kylaris are currently known to possess operational nuclear weapons. In addition, several have nuclear weapons sharing agreements.

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Map of nuclear weapons states of Kylaris
  Confirmed nuclear weapon possessing states
  Confirmed nuclear weapon sharing states

Nuclear weapon states

Country Warheads Treaty of St. Ragnarstad status Delivery methods Alignment Notes
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Federation of Asteria
Kaxakh 2977 / 3512 / 100 Non-Signatory Land, sea and air-based Does not include tactical nuclear warheads
Senouillac Union
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Werania 315 / 700 Non-Signatory Sea and air-based

Nuclear sharing agreements

Joint Nuclear Command

A number of nuclear weapons of Songhua origin are controlled by the Qingzhou Treaty Organization Joint Nuclear Command, which has input from QTO members and which stations nuclear weapons in Fars, Khatagh, Namkwon and Phula, all of whom are QTO members.

Federation of Asteria-Roeselle

The Federation of Asteria has a nuclear weapons sharing agreement with Roeselle.

Non-Euclean Deterrence Agreement

Kaxakh has a opt-in nuclear weapons sharing agreement with non-Euclean members of the Commonwealth of Socialist States. Currently only Isla Juana has opted in to the agreement and possesses nuclear weapons on loan from Kaxakh which are jointly operated by the two countries.