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The Free States of Liberimery
Veleazan: Los Estados Libres de Liberimery
Midrasian: Les États Libres de Liberimery
Leidense: De Vrijestaten van Liberimery

Coat of arms of Liberimery
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: "Forever Free"
Anthem: The Battle Cry of Freedom MediaPlayer.png
and largest city
Grand Sachem
Official languages None
Recognised national languages Newery, Veleazan, Midrasian, Leidense, Native
Demonym Liberimerian
Government Federal Semi-Presidential Semi-direct Democratic constitutional republic
 -  President General Ryan Lindsey (LP)
 -  First Speaker
Legislature National Council
 -  Upper house Coucil of Chiefs
 -  Lower house Assembly of Speakers
 -  Declares Independence 1782 
 -  Ratification of Constitutional Documents 1800 
 -  First Government Seated 1801 
 -  estimate 20,03,385
 -  2010 census 20,001,563
HDI (2015)Increase 0.921
very high
Currency Dollar (LBD)
Time zone Central Asuran Time (UTC-6)
Date format dd ˘ mm ˘ yyyy
Drives on the left
Calling code +88
Internet TLD .lb

The Free States of Liberimery (trans) (Formerly The Republic of Liberimery, The Democratic States of Liberimery, and the Commonwealth of Liberimery) is an Island Country in the in the East and Central Columbian Sea in Vestrim. The country shares territorial water boarders with Glyndenport and (Midraisa dependency?) in the North East, Konigsland in the West, and Vikisland in the South. Liberimery is a Federal Republic and hosts 17 independent states and one Federal District grouped on 14 islands, cays and archipelagos as well as several smaller cays, atolls, and rocks that that administratively administered by nearby state governments or the federal regions. By land mass it is the largest nation in the Colombian Sea.

Liberimery was first settled by the Irikia, Coabana, and Taino people in neolithic period. The Asuran expadition that is credited discovery of Vestrim made several landfalls in what is now Modern Liberimery and the island of Liberimery itself was discovered in the second discovery expaditions, though it is disputed if these were the first Asuran in the modern world. The nation declared it's independence from Newrey in the aftermath of the Newreyan Revolt of 1782 and gained formal independence after the decisive victory of the Battle of the Black Wave. The modern government of Liberimery under the Accords