Liberal Party of Katranjiev

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Liberal Party of Katranjiev
Либералната партия и Катранджиев
Chairman Ivan Teofilov
Parliamentary Leader Magarit Ogynan
Founded 1889
Headquarters 225 Unity Boulevard,
Student wing Liberal Students
Youth wing Liberal Youth
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Centrists
Official colors      Red
National Assembly
89 / 300
Election symbol
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Politics of Katranjiev
Political parties

The Liberal Party of Katranjiev (Katranjian: Либералната партия и Катранджиев, Liberalnata partiya i Katranjiev, Luziycan: Partiya Liberala i Katranjiev, Namorese: Кaтeлaн Дaaнгджию, Katelan Daangjiyu) is a political party in Katranjiev, and the largest one in the National Assembly. It is currently the governing party since 2014, with Magarit Ogynan serving as Prime Minister of Katranjiev.


In 1889, a prominent thinker, Andrei Zhivkov created the Liberal Party. (TBC)