Liễu Dynasty

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Liễu Dynasty



Capital Thien Dai
Government Monarchy
 - 15-68 CE Liễu Hoằng Tổ (first)
 - 103-155 CE Liễu Triết Tông
 - 293-316 CE Liễu Phong Tông
 - 440-450 CE Liễu Vũ Tông (last)
Chancellor of the Imperial State
 - 15-22 CE Phạm Ích Hiếu
 - 103-145 CE Lý Mẫn Thịnh
 - 447-450 CE Hố Đặng Sắc
Legislature Imperial Court
 - Upper House Circle of Aides
 - Lower House Mandarin Assembly
 - Abdication of the Last Trieu Emperor 18, 3rd Lunar Month, 15
 - Autumn's Perturbation 15-17, 10th Lunar Month, 450
Currency Văn

The Liễu Dynasty (Chữ Quốc Ngữ: Nhà Liễu; Chữ Nôm: 柳朝, Liễu triều) was a dynasty that ruled Quenmin from 15 to 450 CE; it was founded by Liễu Hoằng Tổ after the abdication of the last Triệu Emperor, and abolished by internal debacles and government dilution with Liễu Vũ Tông serving as the dynasty's last Emperor.


Establishment of the Dynastic Rule

Early Liễu

Southern Expansions

Middle Liễu

Government Reforms under Liễu Triết Tông

Northward and Westward Expansions

Further Expansions into "Ratchasima"

Later Liễu

Loss of its Eastern Provinces

Wars with the "Ratchasiman tribes"

Escalating Strife within the Imperial Government

Last 10 Years of Rule under Liễu Vũ Tông


The Emperor and the Circle of Aides

Imperial Court

Prefecture Government


Culture and Society



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