Kingdom of Vrakya

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Kingdom of Vrakya
Koninkrijk Vrakya
Ævumih Vrakya
Flag Crest
and Largest city
Official languages EnglishIravianVrakyan
Demonym Vrakyan
Government Military Occupation
 -  Military Governor The Countess Praas
 -  Monarch Vysan 'Vravamai
Client state of the Atmoran Empire
 -  Vrakyan Surrender 2 June 2073 
 -  Occupation Established 16 June 2073 
 -  Treaty of Nes'alun 26 May 2074 
 -  2075 estimate 19,764,823,235

Vrakya, formally the Kingdom of Vrakya (Vrakyan: Ævumih Vrakya; Iravian: Koninkrijk Vrakya)