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Sultanate of Kazhwir
سلطان کاشمارا
Motto: From Shah, the Law
از شاه، قانون
Anthem: The Sacred Land
سرزمین مقدس
and largest city
Official languages Kazhwirian
Ethnic groups Kazhwiri (~87%)
Fahran (~9%)
Other (~4%)
Demonym Kazhwiri
Government Unitary Absolute Monarchy
 -  Sultan Sadiq Hassan Zayyad
 -  2017 estimate 17,862,100
 -  2015 census 17,860,000
GDP (PPP) 2015 estimate
 -  Total $516.3 billion
 -  Per capita $28,910
GDP (nominal) 2015 estimate
 -  Total $276.83 billion
 -  Per capita $15,500
HDI Increase 0.589
Currency Kazhwirian Muhr (KZM)
Time zone Central Asuran Standard Time
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .khz

Kazhwir, officially the Sulatnate of Kazhwir (Kazhwirian:سلطان کاشمارا), is a absolute-monarchial Irsadic state in Aeia. Located on Southwestern coast of the continent of Catai, the country shares land borders with Fahran to the east and Sidi Synnia to the north. The coast is formed by the Iranic sea to the Southeast and Azur sea to the Southwest. With a population of 17 million as of 2015 census, Kazhwir is one of least populous nation in Catai. The Capital, Tirzvin, is the seat of governance as well as the leading economic centre.




Flora and Fauna



Politics of Kazhwir takes place in a framework of an highly centralized absolute monarchial state whereby the hereditary Shah of Kazhwir forms the pivot of government. He claims Zillullah (image of God) and his authority is therefore invisible. The Shah not only acts as Head of State but also as Head of Government. As the legal head of state, he is chief of all organs of power - legislative, executive and judicial besides being Supreme Commander of armed forces. As the head of government, he appoints and chairs Majlis-i-Diwani, council of ministers to assist him. There exists no regular democratic channel for the expression of public opinion as all the power is concentrated with the Shah. Whenever expediency demanded, a post of regent is created to carry out the administration in name of Shah.


Administrative divisions

Foreign relations


Leontas 2AE1 - Modified Leontas 2 MBT

The military forces of Sultanate of Kazhwir are composed of two groups: Sultan of Kazhwir's Armed Forces, Royal Guardians and a paramilitary volunteer militia. In addition to the above armed groups, a territorial defence force referred as Sepah-e-Qod and a Cyber-army, are being trained and equipped to counter potential hybrid warfare threats. All military groups are subordinate to Sultan of Kazhwir with Royal Guardians under his direct control.

The military doctrine is based on deterrence. The most important mission of the armed forces is the defence of Kazhwir territorial integrity and Kazhwir interests abroad. Compulsory military service for men was discontinued in 2005. From 2003, until conscription ended in 2005, the mandatory service was nine months.