Kalenian Ground Force

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Kalenian Ground Force
Active 21 November - present
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Type Army
Size 128,203 Active personnel
354,524 Reserve and National Guard personnel
Part of Department of War (1802-1893)
Department of Defense (1893–present)
Motto "Defend the Homeland"
Colors Black and Blue
Anniversaries Founder's Day (6 February)
Website [1]
President Kara Peris
High General Gen. Darian Monokor
Secretary of the Army Gen. Justin Valantar
Sergeant Major SMA Oliver Norton

The Kalenian Ground Force are the largest branch of the Armed Forces of Kalenia. The KGF performs land-based actions military operations with occasional assistance from the other branches of the military. The Kalenian Ground Force was founded november 21, 1802 along with the navy and marines. As of January 2015, the KGF had a listed strength of 128,203 active and 354,524 reserve soldiers. Along with the other branches of the military, the KGF was founded before declaring independence from the Ulthrannic Empire.

The KGF operates at the whim of the Department of Defense under the orders of Kara Peris.



The Modern KGF

Structure and Organization