KDC leadership election, 2015

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KDC leadership election, 2015
← 2006 30 July 2015 (2015-07-30) – 30 August 2015 (2015-08-30)
  Gyneld Welelmsen Jorj Vysel-Sdaander Ivo Refmeker
Candidate Gyneld Welelmsen Jorj Vysel-Sdaander Ivo Refmeker
Second round 31,922 votes
29,583 votes
First round 30,220 votes
23,782 votes
11,037 votes

Leader before election

Kurt Blymont

Elected Leader

Gyneld Welelmsen

The KDC leadership election, 2015 was held to decide the next leader of Vyvland's Christian Democratic and Conservative Party (KDC), won by Gyneld Welelmsen. It was held after the resignation of Kurt Blymont as party leader and Prime Minister on the 21st July, and thus the contest de facto determined the next Prime Minister of Vyvland. The contest was run under the alternative vote system, whereby each eligible voter ranked the candidates in order of preference and then the last-placed candidate was eliminated. All KDC members as of 21st July were eligible to vote and voting ran for one month from 30th July to 30th August.

Three candidates put themselves forward for the leadership: Welelmsen, Ivo Refmeker, and Jorj Vysel-Sdaander. On the 31st August, Welelmsen was declared the winner, having received 52% of the preference votes between her and Vysel-Sdaander. After the declaration of results, she immediately took over from Blymont as party leader.


The election was called by outgoing Prime Minister Kurt Blymont on the 21st July. He intended the election to proceed quickly "so as not to destabilise the government", according to an interview the day after his resignation announcement. Five candidates were mooted for the position, but only four declared their official candidacy, with Alecaanjre Enjraas declining to do so for family reasons. In addition, after nine days of the campaign, Payla Prukmaan withdrew from the race, citing a lack of support and "splitting of the mainstream christian democratic vote" between her and Vysel-Sdaander.

Opinion polls

All candidates

Date Polling firm First choice
Refmeker Vysel-Sdaander Welelmsen Prukmaan1 Enjraas2
30 August Final result 17 36 46 N/A N/A
16-17 August Accu 19 38 43 N/A N/A
5-6 August Accu 24 30 38 8 N/A
28-29 July Opinio 6 22 34 15 23
28-29 July Accu 7 24 32 13 24
23-24 July Opinio N/A 26 31 13 29

1 = Paula Prukmaan pulled out of the contest on 7th August, citing her lack of support. She endorsed Vysel-Sdaander.
2 = Alecaanjre Enjraas declined to stand due to family reasons, although he had been widely rumoured to run before the contest started.

Two-candidate preference

Vysel-Sdaander v. Welelmsen

Date Polling firm First choice
Vysel-Sdaander Welelmsen
30 August Final result 48 52
14-15 August Opinio 51 49

Refmeker v. Welelmsen

Date Polling firm First choice
Refmeker Welelmsen
14-15 August Opinio 36 65

Refmeker v. Vysel-Sdaander

Date Polling firm First choice
Refmeker Vysel-Sdaander
14-15 August Opinio 31 69


The full results were declared on 31st August at the party headquarters in Lorence, Payl-Klosders-Aas.