Justin Ulpius, 20th Duke of Vindóbona

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His Grace

The Duke of Vindóbona
Personal details
Born Gaius Ulpius Saunio Iustinus Felix
(1992-05-01) 1 May 1992 (age 24)
Castellum ab Alba, Latium
Nationality Latin
Alma mater Galata College, Adrianople
Religion Uniate Catholic
Other Titles Marquis of Volaterrae
Marquis of Iolcantina
Count of Lilybaeum
Count of Kene
Viscount of Actagas
Lord of Carmona
Lord of Tropaeum

Justin Ulpius, 20th Duke of Vindóbona (Gaius Ulpius Saunio Iustinus Felix ; b. 1 May 1992) is the son of former Consul of Latium, Maria, Duchess of Vindóbona and Christopher Ulpius, 19th Duke of Vindóbona. He is heir to all of his father's title and second in line to his grandfather's titles, most notably the Duchy of Lomvardía. Publically known as Marquis Volaterrae, Justin is a Latin noble and utilizes his father's secondary title as a courtesy until he inherits a peerage of his own. Marquis Justin is also chief heir to his family's holdings and a controlling stake in Olympiou Energeia, which his father currently serves as CEO. He is the great-grandson of Emperor Constantine XIX of Latium.

The Marquis currently is a member of court at the Palace of Augustus, reportedly having a close friendship with many members of the Imperial Family. He is noted for his strong Ancia features from his mother's family, many people often drawing similarities between his looks and that of Emperor Jason Augustus. He inherited his father's title on 19 July 2016, after his father was murdered when leaving Ludi Hippodromus by a disgruntled former employee that was recently laid off


Marquis Justin was born on 1 May 1992 at Sancta Maria Hospital in Castellum ab Alba where he was given the courtesy title of Marquis Volaterrae on becoming heir to his father's titles and the Duchy of Vindóbona. Justin is the third born child of Duke Christoper and Duchess Maria, with two older sisters: Anastasia and Theodora; and three younger siblings: George, Leo, and Helena. Justin began his schooling at St. Michael's Primary School in metropolitan Castellum, later attending boarding school in Adrianople for his first two years of secondary school, finishing at St. Michaels. He went on to enroll at Galata College at the University of Adrianople, earning degrees in business and economics.

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Styles of
The Duke of Vindóbona
Arms of the Duke of Vindobona.png
Reference style His Grace
Spoken style Your Grace
  • 1 May 1992 - 19 July 2016: His Grace, The Marquis Volaterrae
  • 19 July 2016 - present: His Grace, The Duke of Vindóbona

The Duke's full titles and style are as follows: His Grace Justin Ulpius, Duke of Vindóbona, Marquis of Volaterrae, Marquis of Iolcantina, Count of Lilybaeum, Count of Kene, Viscount of Actagas, Lord of Carmona, Lord of Tropaeum.