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The Right Honourable

Josko Ivers
Vice President of the Radiatian Federation
Assumed office
15 September 4064
PresidentSteven McCarthy (elect)
Preceded bySteven McCarthy
Radiatian Federal Senator from New Vashura
In office
May 14, LET 50 – April 27, LET 58
Serving with Kliment Thurstan
Preceded byTill Newell
Succeeded byDonovan Kohl
Senate Majority Leader
In office
30 July, LET 52 – 25 November, LET 56
Preceded byReinhard Pasternack
Succeeded byIiro Pekkanen
Radiatian Ambassador to Nui-ta
In office
August 2, LET 39 – March 11, LET 50
PresidentHiroshi Vodotel
Keldon Silviu
Preceded byFrancine Khristiansen
Succeeded byJack Rostislav
4th Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
19 October LET 30 – 26 June LET 38
PresidentYerkal Nathus
Prime MinisterLena Toriah
Preceded byKurt Demodand
Succeeded byGregori Fyoderov
Member of the Federal Parliament for New Vashura's 5th District
In office
6 March LET 22 – 26 June LET 38
Personal details
Born April 4, LAI 996 (age 62)
Yuesses, New Vashura
Political party Social Democratic Union
Other political
United Democrats
Spouse(s) Kiana Ivers
Children Johanna Ivers
Alma mater University of Exegrad
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Military service
Service/branch Radiatian Federal Army
Years of service LET 14 - LET 22
Rank Lieutenant
Battles/wars Third Radiatian Civil War
LET 15 Arctic War

Josko Ivers (born 4 April LAI 996) is a Radiatian politician who currently serves as the Class II Senator for the state of New Vashura and, since LET 56, the Senate Minority Leader. He was Majority Leader of the Senate from LET 52 until LET 56. Ivers served as Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs during the Toriah Government and also served as Radiatia's ambassador to the Empire of Nui-ta between LET 39 and LET 50. He was the Social Democratic Union's nominee for Vice President of the Radiatian Federation in LET 52, although was not victorious in this election.

In 4064 NC he was elected Vice President of the Radiatian Federation.

Early Life

Ivers was born and raised in the city of Yuesses, New Vashura. His father was killed during the Isthmas War in LET 3 when Ivers was 8 years old. His mother Irina raised him and his two siblings on her own.

Ivers dodged conscription after leaving high school by moving to Exegrad, Alayenia and studying International Relations at the University of Exegrad, where he became fluent in English. He fought against the Communists in the Battle of Exegrad and joined the newly formed RFA after graduating.

He was engaged to be married, until a tornado struck his house in rural New Vashura, killing his pregnant fiancée.

After the tragedy Josko began touring various Radiatian army bases all over the world, until leaving the army and running for parliament in LET 22.

Political career

Member of parliament

Ivers ran for the seat of Yuesses South on the United Democrats ticket, winning by a margin of 11,393 votes.

He ousted the incumbent Conservative MP Danny Courtenay by drawing attention to the Conservatives' "policies of division which turn Red Radiatians against Traditional Radiatians, and rich against poor."

The debate between Ivers and Courtenay at the South Yuesses Community Centre ended up being filmed, and Ivers' speech went viral online, causing his popularity to skyrocket.

As a result, he was moved to the frontbenches of the United Democrats for the LET 26 election, becoming the party's spokesperson on Foreign Affairs.

After the retirement of Orhan Zatsii, Ivers was involved in a three way race for the leadership of the party, along with Lena Toriah and Nevan Kaspar.

Ivers eventually withdrew from the leadership contest, and threw his support behind Lena Toriah, who went on to lead the party to an unprecedented landslide victory in LET 30.

Cabinet Minister

Ivers was sworn in as Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs following the United Democrats' election victory in LET 30 and is currently serving his second term as foreign minister.

Ivers has presided over Radiatia transitioning from a neutral foreign policy to a more interventionist one, including having Radiatia join the Humanitarian League. Ivers was also successful in establishing regional and international alliances and trade agreements.

There was national controversy over Ivers' support for the Food Imports Levies Act, a bill which made food more expensive and took a protectionist stance toward food imports.

Ivers took a middle ground on the issue of immigration, taking measures to reduce the number of immigrants crossing the Radiatian border but also taking measures to ensure that the rights of immigrants are upheld.

He resigned from parliament in LET 38 for personal reasons.

Return to politics

In LET 50, Ivers resigned from his position as Ambassador to Nui-ta to run for the Senate, hoping to represent his home state of New Vashura as a Social Democrat.

Despite New Vashura often being considered the most conservative state in the Radiatian Federation, Ivers won an unexpected landslide, carrying 56% of the vote in the state.

Ivers ran for President of the Radiatian Federation in LET 52 as a conservative Social Democrat, and in spite of a strong showing in the northern and heartland primaries he lost the nomination to incumbent Vice President Samuel Negasi.

His appeal to moderate and conservative voters was a factor in Negasi's decision to select him as his running mate in the LET 52 election, although the Negasi/Ivers ticket ultimately lost the election.

As the SDU had retained its majority in the Radiatian Federal Senate but incumbent Majority Leader Reinhard Pasternack had retired due to health concerns, Ivers was voted as the party's new Senate Leader, making him the new Senate Majority Leader.

Ivers announced his retirement in LET 58 and chose not to stand for re-election in the mid-term elections that year.

Political Views

Josko Ivers considers himself a moderate, contrasting himself from the more reformist Lena Toriah.

He has been vocal about his support of the welfare state and has demonstrated that he supports trade protectionism. He also regularly talks of the need to tackle social discrimination in Radiatia, particularly against women and foreigners.

Within the Social Democratic Union, Ivers falls squarely into the party's 'centrist' faction, holding slightly left-of-centre economic views along with moderately conservative social views.

Personal Life

Ivers is married to Kiana Ivers (nee Yarringsen), a Hadinian-Nui-tan former Kings Guard member, who he met during negotiations with then Nui-tan Prime Minister Trenta Crumlo. He has one daughter, Johanna who was born in Xerconia and now resides in Das Engel.

In 4064 NC, Ivers's wife died suddenly at age 52 from a aortic rupture. She was buried in Xerconia.