Jan Karol II

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Jan Karol II
Jan Karol in 2014
Cesarz of Miersa
Reign 11 June, 1971 – 9 May, 2018
Coronation 13 August 1971
Predecessor Aleksandra I
Successor Jaromir II
Born (1937-09-09)9 September 1937
Pałac Boga, Krada, West Miersa
Died 9 May 2018(2018-05-09) (aged 80)
Perpignan, Midrasia
Spouse Anne-Mary of Newrey (m. 1960)
Full name
Szymon Teodor Jan Karol z Gliński-Tudomir
House Gliński-Tudomir
Father Prince Bogumir
Mother Aleksandra I
Religion Testimonial Alydianism

Jan Karol II (Szymon Teodor Jan Karol z Gliński-Tudomir; 9 September 1937 – 9 May 2018) was Cesarz i Autokrata of the Miersan Commonwealth from 11 June 1971 until his death on 9 May 2018.

Jan Karol ascended to the throne on 11 June 1971 following the death of his mother, Cesarzowa Aleksandra I. Born the first son of Aleksandra and Prince Bogumir in 1937, Jan had acted as heir apparent since his birth, and as Crown Prince since his adult baptism in 1953. Karol married Newreyan Princess Anne-Mary in 1960, and had five children with her. His eldest, Crown Prince Michał, acted as heir apparent until his death.

As Cesarz i Autokrata, Jan Karol acted as the official head of state and government of Miersa and commander-in-chief of it's armed forces. He maintained a strong working relationship with Sylwester Hugo Wrzesiński, the Cześnik for the latter half of his realm, and his first son Crown Prince Michał. Jan Karol also focused on improved relations with the western world; and was been seen as a westernizer and pro-western monarch for the majority of his reign. Jan Karol died in a plane crash on 9 May 2018, along with his son then-Crown Prince Michał. He was succeeded by his second son, Jaromir II.

Birth and family

Early life

Heir apparent



Public perception and character

Titles, styles, and arms

Titles and styles

  • 15 October 1937 – 10 October 1971: His Imperial Highness The Crown Prince
  • 10 October 1971 – 9 May 2018: His Imperial Majesty The Cesarz

Before his death, the Cesarz's full style and title was: "His Imperial Majesty Jan Karol, second of his name, by the Grace of God, of the Miersan Commonwealth and all Her Domains Cesarz, of the Kraina Korony Duke, of the Free City of Dyńsk and Holy City of Krada Lord Protector, of Żobrodź and Nowyburg Count, of the City of Żobrodź Lord-Baron, Shield of Asura, Guardian of the Peace, Protector of the Realm, Defender of the Faith."


As Crown Prince, Jan Karol's coat of arms was the coat of arms for the Crown Prince. When he acceded as Cesarz, he gained the royal arms undifferenced.

Miersa arms.png
Miersa arms.png
Coat of arms as Crown Prince from 1937–1971
Royal coat of arms


Jan Karol and his wife, Anne-Mary of Newrey, at an imperial gathering in 2014.
Name Birth Marriage Issue
Date Spouse
Crown Prince Michał 19 December 1962 21 August 1989 Lady Zehra of Kodesh Princess Rosalina of Czarnygród
Princess Aleksandra of Czarnygród
Princess Jadwiga of Czarnygród
Jaromir II 15 March 1977 19 October 2000 Józefina Rozycki Princess Kasandra of Nowyburg
Prince Fabian of Nowyburg
Prince Ludomir 15 March 1977 18 June 2001 Lady Paulina of Janoska Prince Pelagiusz of Krada
Princess Eleonora 27 May 1981 11 March 2008 Emeric Méndez Prince Karol of Méndez
Prince Witold 11 January 1987 Unmarried without issue
Issue of Jan Karol II, in pictures
Crown Prince Michał
(aged 55 at death) 
Jaromir II
(age 40) 
Prince Ludomir
(age 40) 
Prince Witold
(age 30)