Lubomir Bukovič

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Jan Bukovič
President of Ceresnia
In office
24 October 2017 – 26 January 2018
Prime MinisterMikolaj Vujčič
Preceded byPavel Perak
Succeeded byJozef Golovič
President of the Senate
Assumed office
14 November 2015
Preceded byMiroslav Sugovski
Personal details
Born Jan Slavomir Bukovič
(1952-07-08) 8 July 1952 (age 66)
Trafov, Ceresnian PR
Citizenship Ceresnian
Political party Civic Movement (1983; 1995–present)
PDV (1985–1990)
Alma mater University of Law and Politics in Trafov

Jan Slavomir Bukovič

Early life

Bukovič was born in Trafov in 1952 to Dobromyslav Bukovič and Ludmila Lubičova, who were both professors at the University of Law and Politics in Trafov. Bukovič attended Andrej Vrchovski High School in Trafov.

Bukovič attended the University of Law and Politics in Trafov. In 1971 he was appointed as an assistant in the university, and in 1973 he obtained a PhD degree in law there. Due to his political career, he spent a long time on unpaid leave.

Political career

Bukovič's first party was the currently defunct Front for Renewal party in the mid-1970s. Later, he began his political affiliation with the Civic Movement shortly after its formation, and became an anti-communist dissident. Following a coup attempt and mass government crack-down on dissidents, Bukovič fled to Slovunia, where he was also involved in politics, joining the capitalist PDV party in the mid-1980s there.

After communism fell in Ceresnia, Bukovič returned in 1990 and rejoined the Civic Movement in 1995. He was later a member of the House of Representatives for the constituency of Trafov from 1998 to 2003 and then a member of the Senate from 2003 to 2010. Bukovič was considered as a Civic Movement presidential candidate in the 2008 election, but was eventually turned down in favour of Perak, who later lost the election to the National Coalition's Andrej Rogorov.

In 2010 he assumed the office of President of the Senate, and like so, he has also served as Acting President of Ceresnia following the impeachment of Pavel Perak.

Hovever, Bukovič was declared as the candidate of the Civic Movement in the 2018 snap presidential election after the impeachment of Perak. He will face the National Coalition's Jozef Golovič, who is currently the favoured candidate in polls.