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Union of Irav
Unie van Irav
Flag Seal of the Federation
Motto: "In Varietate Concordia" (Latin)
"United in Diversity"
Anthem: Symfonie van de Sterren
(Official Union Anthem) (Dutch)

On the Edge of Forever
(Official Human Anthem) (English)

Patterns of Force
(Official Phanonn Anthem) (English)
Largest city ShiKahr
Official languages IravianAvannarianPhanonnEthinnFaen’ate
Demonym Iravian
Government Republic
 -  Primarch of the Iravian State Eelco Harrevelts
 -  Vice-Primarch of the Iravian State Mannes Olde Boer
 -  Speaker of the Assembly D'yaliss Lernoth
 -  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court T'sheng
Legislature Congress
 -  Upper house Assembly of Worlds
 -  Unification of Roëde Tribes 7.943 (2057 BC) 
 -  2075 census 31.642.597.290 (1st)
HDI (2075)Increase 0.987
very high · 1st
Currency Abolished
(NSD unofficially used)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy (HC)
Drives on the right
Calling code +31

‘’Growing up in Kampen with my friends and family, I learned that the idea of a presidential republic passing power on from one administration to the other every three years was archaic and outdated.

And that technology and innovation, instead of an inefficient bureaucracy, are what should be driving our nation forward.

It was the pathetic rule of incompetent presidents, kings, and emperors that caused the Federation to decent into such incredible disarray.

And in turn it has taken me more than five years to get it back on track.

There is no way I will allow my country to slip back into these dark ages.

Therefor I would like to make an announcement to the world: the Iravian Federation is hereby disbanded.

And from here on out all the government officials, unless instructed otherwise, are relieved from their positions and have no legal authority anymore.

I have created a new and stronger Iravian Union and I will continue to lead it into the future myself.

And I will bring about a new era of prosperity for my people.’’

- Primarch Eelco Harrevelts on the eve he proclaimed the Iravian Union.

‘’"When one man decides the fate of an entire nation, with nobody else having a say, well, we tend to call that tyranny. Mr. Harrevelt's actions seem to suggest a consolidation of power that is, to say the least, discomforting.’’

- USC President Joshua Swanner, on the power grab of Eelco Harrevelts.

‘’"Along with the recent events happening in the Iravian Federation making the Iravians appear undemocratic and that their civil war to overthrow a tyrant, instead just put another tyrant upon the throne with a different title.’’

- Lord Karthspire, on the events following the 2075 Iravian elections.

Irav (/rɑːv/; Dutch: ‘’Ierav’’), officially called the Union of Irav (Dutch: Unie van Irav), is an oligarchy ruled by a Primarch.


Star Systems

Solar System

Flag Name Capital Largest city Area (km²) Population Head of State
States in the Iravian Union
Flag Name Capital Largest city Area (km²) Population Head of State
Puppet nations of the Iravian Union
Karpatische Unie Eekenrade Tereyken 3.208.362 316.875.946 Rozemarijn van 't Schutmake
Freistaat Thüringen Bachte Altenhammer 6.395.644 238.704.173 Lennart Assing-Doorn


Polyphemus is ...



Government and policies


Constituent states

Foreign relations

Flag Formal name Terrible relations Poor relations Average relations Good relations Formal alliance
Vlag van het Atmoraanse Keizerrijk.png Confederation of Atmora Check-mark.svg
Flag of the Dominion of Westphalia.png Dominion of Westphalia (Atmora) Check-mark.svg
Flag of Japan.svg Dominion of Mizuho (Atmora) Check-mark.svg
Flag of South Africa (ToE).png Free Land of Lorrenvaal (Atmora) Check-mark.svg
NTflag2.png United Republic of North Timeria Check-mark.svg
USCFlag.jpg United States of Conner Check-mark.svg
Flag of Great New England.png Confederation of Great New England Check-mark.svg
Polonge.png Empire of Polonge Check-mark.svg
Sb9FulN.jpg Kingdom of Tristania Check-mark.svg
Flag of Derita.svg Celestial Empire of Derita
Royal Standard of the Netherlands (1815–1908).svg Empire of the Netherlands
Flag of Algeria.svg Republic of Ain Fakrata
E06ADE05-E1A4-4913-B6B5-AC7BEF33E7F3.jpeg Kingdom of Loracia Check-mark.svg
Flag of Weco.png Empire of Weco Check-mark.svg
Flag of Croatia.svg Kingdom of Makonia
Imperium-norius.png Empire of Noria Check-mark.svg



Cultural policy





Literature, philosophy, and the arts



Science and technology