Interstellar Federation

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Interstellar Federation
Flag Federal Seal
Flag Federal Seal
Motto: "Verus in mente, iustus in actio"
"True in mind, just in action"
Anthem: Ode to Joy
Largest New York City
Official languages None official
Governmental level: English
Ethnic groups 41% Asian
30% White
19% Black
5.2% Other human ethnicities
2.1% Yaktar
1.5% Tauii
0.7% Virtirian
0.3% Suliarin
0.2% Nuinar
Demonym Interstellarian or Interstellar
Government Federal Constitutional Republic
 -  President Vincent De Maser (Galactic Alliance Party)
 -  Vice President Samuel "Sam" Stuart (Interstellar Democratic Party)
 -  Director-Chairman of the Interstellar Congress Simon Yangze (Interstellar Democratic Party)
 -  Chief Justice Heath Joris
Legislature Interstellar Congress
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house House of Representatives
 -  United Nations 1945 
 -  United Planetary Alliance 2105 
 -  Interstellar Federation 2146 
 -  4.9617529E+36 km2
1.91574350484E+36 sq mi
 -  estimate 100.262 Quadrillion
 -  Density 10000000/km2
25,899,881.1/sq mi
GDP (PPP) estimate
 -  Total 75.1 Nonillion Interstellar Credits
 -  Per capita 150,000 Interstellar Credits
GDP (nominal) estimate
 -  Total $75.6 Nonillion Interstellar Credits
 -  Per capita $156,863 Interstellar Credits
HDI Increase 0.991
very high
Currency Interstellar Credit ($)
Date format
Drives on the varies
Calling code +99
ISO 3166 code IF
Internet TLD .if

The Interstellar Federation (shorthand: The Interstellar Federation) is a universal, egalitarian, secular, constitutionally democratic republic that controls most of the Universe, a significant portion of the known omniverse. Centered around the core economic, cultural and political hub of the Federation, the Milky Way, the birthplace of the Federation, the Interstellar Federation is one of the most influential nations in the omniverse. The Interstellar Federation's capital is the birth world of the human race, Earth.

The Interstellar Federation was founded in the early 22nd century, after humanity had waged several devastating wars amongst itself in it's home planetary system, the Solar System. A collective effort to unite humanity for a common goal was wanted and the leading human legislative body at the time, the United Nations, reformed itself to become what is now the Interstellar Federation. Large advances in technology allowed humanity to travel to nearby stars and so began a long and seemingly everlasting golden age of peace and discovery. Over the next few centuries, the Interstellar Federation ventured beyond the confines of it's own galaxy and journeyed to the Andromeda Galaxy and other galaxies, exploring space for several centuries. This peace came to end in the 26th century however, as the Interstellar Federation began to be opposed by other factions of the universe, and this culminated into the Milky Way Conflict. The war changed the mindset of the Federation greatly and thus the Federation took a more interventionist role in universal politics and events, participating in numerous military interventions over the last two decades.

Due to the enormous resources and influence it has, the Interstellar Federation enjoys considerable political, militarial and scientific and technological power throughout the omniverse.



The foundation and existence of the Interstellar Federation can be traced all the way back to the United Nations in 2100, where the first joint - nation space colonies were established on the moon of Titan. The United Nations declared that for continued prosperity and unity of the human race, humanity, as a species must unite together as a collective species. So in 2105, after much debate and the infamous Mars Rebellion, the United Nations declared that a single government, with representatives from all territories, nations and colonies, would command humanity to path of space exploration and growth. It was called the United Planetary Alliance, and were the ones who paved the way to reaching Proxima Centauri in 2150, by developing FTL travel in 2145. This led to a new reform and the Interstellar Federation was born.

First Contact and the Founding of the Interstellar Armed Forces

First contact with a sentient extraterrestrial race occurred on September 5th, 2146, during the colonisation of the first extrasolar colonies of the Interstellar Federation. Naming themselves the "Yaktar", this produced mixed reactions amongst humanity: some were welcome to extraterrestrial races, others were against it and a divide of xenophobics and "xeno-lovers" occurred.

The Yaktar were a sentient race of bipedals that had technology comparable to humanity in the late 21st Century.

Realising the very likely possibility of encountering a hostile alien civilisation, the Interstellar Congress authorised the founding of the Interstellar Armed Forces, uniting all of humanity's military might under one organisation. Fortunately, hostile contact with another alien race didn't occur until the 23rd Century, and even then it was a misunderstanding that was quickly resolved. Instead, the IAF was focused on dealing with intra-human conflicts. Many humans did not wish to live under the governance of the Interstellar Federation and several separatist movements were fought.

Golden Age

FTL Technology continued to develop and in 2244, Humanity had conquered 34% of the Orion Spur. Then a huge breakthrough in interstellar travel happened: the construction of the Pather - Simoster Warp Drive had finished in 2305, which allowed travel across thousands of light years in a matter of hours. In addition, the Yang - Torrens Star Chart had been finished as well, giving a easier way to navigate the galaxy. Humanity then entered a golden age of exploration and peace lasted for 200 years. Thousands of worlds were discovered, charted and settled. Along with this, many different sentient species of aliens had been encountered peacefully. By 2523, most of the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy had been colonized.

Milky Way Conflict

Main article: Milky Way Conflict However in 2551, a war broke out with the Confederacy of Planets against the Interstellar Federation. The CoP were dissatisfied that the Interstellar Federation controlled the galaxy from Earth and they believed that a new age of galactic travel needed a new government, instead of an Earth based one and by 2570, the outer territories had been left in tatters. War still raged until 2581, when a peace treaty was signed and no clear victor. In 2600, the situation with the CoP has deteriorated, leading some to suggest war could again be around the corner.

Peacekeeping Operations

The Interstellar Federation in contemporary times has undertook several peacekeeping operations around the universe to prevent and solve conflicts.



The Interstellar Federation is the most populous nation in the universe with an estimated population of 100.262 quadrillion. The population rose rapidly during what has been called the "Galactic Boom", between 2300 and 2350, when the population decupled from 90 trillion to 900 trillion, mostly attributed to the rapid development of high-speed warpspace travel. Currently, the Interstellar Federation is going through a slowdown in population growth, with birth rates decreasing.

The birthrate of the Interstellar Federation is 10 births per 1000 people and has a population growth rate of 1% annually. In addition to this, the Interstellar Federation is home to approximately 2 trillion illegal immigrants, with 47% of them being non-human species.


The Interstellar Federation recognizes no official language but the de facto language is considered to be English, with a remarkable 100% literacy rate in the traditionally human language. However, most citizens know at least two languages, due to advancements in education and compulsory learning of a second language in school, with Mandarin (82%) the second most popular choice and third being Spanish (68%). Other surprising and interesting languages include: Xliosi, the native language of Xliosa, an alien inhabited planet, 590 light years from Earth and Stasha, the native language of Tauii, another alien inhabited planet, 921 light years from Earth. This language is interesting because, the language has similar structure to Earth-based languages, something scientists at the Interstellar Institute for Science is currently studying, with help from the Tauii people.

Largest Planets (Population)

Rank City Population Planetary System
1 Earth 20 billion Solar System
2 Elysium 18.9 billion Proxima Centauri System
3 Arcadia 18.9 billion Tranquilus System
4 Nova Terra 16.9 billion Nautilus System
5 Hope 15.6 billion Initium Novum System
6 Terex 15.4 billion Vicesima Sedes System
7 Liberum Terram 15.2 billion Liberum Mundi System
8 Arvum 14.7 billion Stellae Prosperum System
9 Custodium et Stellas 14.3 billion Praesidio System
10 Croxia 13.2 billion Vulcanus Argos System


The Interstellar Federation is a constitutional democracy, meaning the power of the government is restricted by supreme law, to prevent the government abusing it's power. The Interstellar Federation, due to it's massive size, relegates control over territories to regional governments, allowing them to decide on their own legislature. However the federal government still has control over all the territories and can repeal any action set in motion by regional or municipal governments. Every region/territory has a senatorial committee that represent the region at the Interstellar Congress, with each representative being able to suggest decisions and vote. When deciding on issues, the government first votes at the Interstellar Congress and the result of this vote may be challenged by the general populace in a popular vote. After the collection of this data, a resolution is reached.

The Interstellar Government consists of three levels, often called the three levels of governance: the federal government, the regional governments and local governments. The federal government is the supreme authority in the Interstellar Federation, responsible for forming legislature in the nation and also consists of the nation's highest judicial authority, the Supreme Court. Regional-level governments receive all powers not given to the federal government and are responsible for legislature in their designated region, of which there are 20 in the Federation and usually consist of several star clusters. In many ways, regional governments are similar in concept to the federal government, but their powers only apply to the region they have authority over. Local governments are the smallest of the governmental structures and unlike regional or federal government, abide by the governance of the regional government and any legislation they submit, must be overseen by a regional government. Local governments are also divided into two parts: municipal and district governments. Municipal governments oversee one or more planetary systems, while district governments oversee single celestial bodies.


The Interstellar economy is primarily a social market economy characterised by high degrees of innovation, high productivity and abundant amounts of natural and synthetic resources. The Interstellar Federation has a GDP of $72 nonillion, highest in the universe and is also the universe's largest exporter of goods and services.

The private sector takes up approximately 72.6% of the Interstellar economy, followed up by state-run business at 18.5% and the rest by government activity. 42.9% of the private sector is made up of the service sector, followed by 31.1% being the manufacturing sector and the rest taken up by raw materials. This is because a significant portion of the raw materials sector is controlled by state-run business, after the 2337 Raw Materials and Mining Act, which declared governmental control of nearly half of the then, corrupt and monopolized raw materials sector. At a 5.3% unemployment rate, the Interstellar Federation has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the universe, which can be attributed to numerous governmental employment schemes, a booming economy and rising markets in new and innovative goods and services.


Main article(s): Interstellar Armed Forces
The Interstellar Military, officially The Interstellar Armed Forces is the standing military force that protects the sovereign territory of the Interstellar Federation and gives out humanitarian aid during times of disaster. It was founded on December 11, 2146, after first contact with an extraterrestrial species. This sparked concern of possible encounters with hostile civilisations and the need for a united armed forces that represented humanity on a whole was realised. The military force has always been an essential part of the Interstellar Federation, defending it during times of war, terrorism and civil unrest. Such was the case during the infamous Mars Rebellions, the Terrorist Campaign of the Milky Way and the bloody Milky Way Conflict. Due to the prevalence of threats in the universe, the Interstellar Military is one the most powerful in the universe, boasting 7.21 billion ships of various classes, active duty personnel of over 1 quadrillion and large amounts of governmental funding.

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