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The International Financial Insider
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TypeDaily newspaper
FormatBerliner broadsheet
OwnerKalian Media Group
FounderSir Richard Sleuss
Jacob Lutzern
PublisherKalian Media Group
Editor-in-chiefYitzchak Kalian
Managing editorsEliyahu "Eli" Holzer
Political alignmentPro-business and Center-right
(Editorial Board)
(News reporting)
LanguageBelhavian English
HeadquartersDakos, Belhavia
Circulation267,290 daily (January 2016 est.)

International Financial Insider, often shortened to IFI, is an English-language international daily newspaper with a special emphasis on business and economic news.

The paper, published by KMG in Dakos, Belhavia, was founded in 1899 by Sir Richard Sleuss and his protégé, the 22-year-old Jacob Lutzern, later a famous mid-20th century economist who created the Global Monetary Fund. Its original name was the International Financial Telegraph; this was changed to "Insider" after the paper was bought up by the Kalian Newspaper Group in 1965.

The IFI has an average daily readership of 2.6 million people worldwide. has 5.4 million registered users and over 394,000 digital subscribers, as well as 455,000 paying users. It was the first global newspaper to institute a paywall.

Business, financial, corporate, political, academic, and analyst leaders across the world, including in Belhavia, Rodarion, the FWS, Anikatia, Arthurista, Temuair, Belfras, the URE, Tarsas, and elsewhere, all credit the IFI as perhaps the world's leading business and economic-focused newspaper, with the media outlet praised as credible, trustworthy, and possessing quality financial and economic literacy. However, the paper has been criticized as "forcing" the neoliberal world economic consensus on the developing world, including Central Lusankya, the Far East, and South Ashizwe, as well as parroting world financial organizations such as the EG4, GMF, and ITA.

The International Financial Insider is considered a "top gem" in the Kalian global media empire.





The IFI advocates free markets, the neoliberal world economic consensus, and globalization. It strongly supported Belhavian President Julian Settas's fiscal policies in the 1980s, although it backed Liberal Democrat Garrett Holleran in his 1992 and 1996 presidential bids. In Belhavia, the IFI presidential endorsement has served as a bellweather for the victor, successfully backing 7 of 9 successful candidates since it started to endorse in 1980.

The IFI was highly-critical of the Dissolution of the Western Confederal States, lamenting that "we are pro-business but not full-on anarchist."

In the Rodarian general elections in 2014 and in 2010, the IFI editorial board endorsed the National Catholic Party, particularly its standard-bearer Ottavio Civitarese, as "the clear and responsible pro-business choice for is clear as day to us they will lead the world's second-largest economy into a new era of prosperity." In the 2016 Romula mayoral election, the IFI endorsed independent candidate and poll-leader Vittoria Tauriello.

The paper's editorials have denounced the sudden reordering of the Anikatian political system towards Socialist president Sui Anyi, positing that "this will be the death kneel of free enterprise in the Far East."

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